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Here we are.

Despite the hardships, pain and failures, we have not given up!

Because something in us knows there’s a more beautiful world emerging!

Welcome to The Magic of Imagination. This site is different from what we have experienced before. It’s not about trying harder. After all, if all it took was trying harder, it would already be done. As we have experienced, trying harder is often doing more of what doesn’t work.

The Magic of Imagination is a transformation in our perception. An awakening. Accepting what science and select others have demonstrated for centuries and the results are magical.

It is a guide to discovering our Inner-Self and developing our Personal Power, empowering us to live the abundant life we’ve dreamed of: Sharing experiences, insights, and the tools to aid and enjoy our journey to ‘We/Engage’ to the fullest extent possible. It’s not that we can’t make it through the Actualization process without first developing a mature self-awareness, it’s just that we’ll enjoy the process and have a smoother ride, a more satisfying journey, if first we become the change we want to see.

During this transformation, if clarification or additional guidance is desired or needed, help is available. I do not charge for my work. It is my gift. While gifts are often exchanged, it’s not required. Some people collaborating with me feel more comfortable when they give me a normal counseling rate. Some give less; some give more ‘because it feels right.’ Some give nothing. I welcome that too, especially if someone is feeling a need to personally experience the Universe is generous for no apparent reason.

Giving is beneficial:

  • Giving a gift tells our subconscious we are serious and this time we’re doing it Now!
  • It prevents any lingering sense of obligation or indebtedness.
  • Giving tells the Universe we are open to receive.
  • We sow and we reap, we give and we receive, it completes the loop.

Furthermore, it is a clear signal to the Universe we are in its flow: We accept it knows what we need, and we trust it to provide for us.
Child of the Universe from Child of the Universe

Of course, one doesn’t have to give anything. One can utilize The Magic of Imagination for free if one so chooses. Paradoxically – Giving is for the giver. What we give to the Universe comes back to us. I’m giving the Universe that which it gave me; and trusting the Universe to use it how it knows best. The most important thing I can do is focusing on what I can control – That which I initiate and how I respond to in my thoughts, words, and actions.

Whether we speculate or we participate, the age of ‘We/Engage’ is emerging. Our Inner-Self awareness and developed Personal Power is needed! We can each do our part in letting the Universe unfold a more beautiful world through us. A world that:

  • Treasures each of us like a new-born baby, immersed in a web of connections of non-judgment, acceptance, encouragement, joy and love.
  • Where we know, accept, trust, and love ourself, everyone, and everything. Where our love empowers us in developing our self-confidence, direction, assertiveness, non-judgment, and the personal skills needed in finding our true purpose for Being Here-Now, living effortlessly, immersed in love and joy.

We don’t know who and what we are. This not knowing ourselves, our unfamiliarity and corresponding lack of trust with our Inner-Self is the root of our turmoil.

We are shifting from the age of ‘I/Mine’ to the age of ‘We/Engage.’ From ‘How can I get more?’ to ‘How can we best give of our gifts?’

I’m ready to begin living in the new more beautiful world today. ‘It’s too good to be true’ is part of the old story. Accepting that a true gift is not forced, if you feel in any way coerced or manipulated into giving for my work, I request you accept it for free until you feel differently. Otherwise, give the amount right for you. The amount that gives you the feeling you get when you have given a gift perfectly appropriate to the situation.

Please be aware I am not a Specialist nor a Guru. I am a Guide and a Healer. A fellow traveler, speaking from experience, on this journey we call life. Consider it spiritual counseling. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule a session.

Now, Let’s Follow Our Bliss and Let the Universe Open Doors Where There Are Only Walls!

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