We Are In This Dance of Transformation Together – Everyone & Everything!

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Life is truly amazing! Whatever we set our mind to, say ‘bring it on’ and we are brave enough to follow through, it happens! It’s long been demonstrated and accepted by a small but slowly growing group and this group’s growth is picking up speed as it grows.

Our consciousness transformation is similar to a butterfly’s transformation. The butterfly’s imaginal cells start off slow, gradually increasing speed until attaining critical mass, when speed increases exponentially in the butterfly’s transformation. The same processing cycle is occurring to our waves of consciousness. We started off slow and have been gradually increasing our size and speed of growth. And now, the science of quantum physics provides a scientific foundation for a timeless open secret: What we expect to occur – will.

Jana Stanfield vividly illustrates this with If I Were Brave. The video’s glimpses at what some have done, tug at our hearts as they inspire us. It supports Marianne Williamson’s position that as we and others and liberate ourselves from our fears, our liberations then inspire and empower still others in their liberation. We are connected in this together, giving and receiving the light of God, as we approach critical mass.

Some are bravely putting themselves out there, following their passion, beckoning to us to follow ours. Many of us are gingerly dipping our toes in the water, some thinking it’s too cold as they yank back and withdraw from engaging their dreams. While others, feeling the cold of the water but also the warmth of their cheer squad, are gently going in deeper till they’re knee high, waist high, and then all in; while others in a rush to catch up, yell ‘here I come’ and do a cannon ball jumping in. It’s a slightly different perspective on the old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water but it’ll drink when it’s ready’ to say we each move at our own pace and our pace is right for us. Each of us is exactly where we’re supposed to be at this moment.

There’s no need to feel rushed. We’re timeless eternal beings, having an earthly experience and wherever we are, when we are, it’s right for us. That is one of mine and The Magic of Imagination’s primary purposes: To guide and assist who are ready – when they’re ready.

The Marines have a saying of “No man left behind” and whatever it takes, whenever it happens, they have each other’s back. In our own way, that’s what we do. The Marines are committed to their purpose and use weapons to achieve it. We’re committed to ours by using Our Prime Directive (unconditionally acknowledging, accepting – non-judgmentally –, and being vulnerable and compassionate, sharing, encouraging and loving ourselves, everyone and everything), and we say ‘bring it on!’

A moving illustration of ‘bring it on’ is Jana’s Bring It On. She is entertaining; her dialogue prior to the song is whimsical, vulnerable, open and warm, an inspiration. The video (within the clip but after the song) tugs at our hearts as she illustrates her message through an uplifting experience. Life is amazing and we can do whatever we set our mind to as the Universe provides all we need at the right time. Watch the clip and see if you don’t agree?

I hope you have enjoyed the songs above and received the messages as I imagined. Although I have no connection with her, if you enjoyed her music and agree with her message, I encourage you to check her website out. From all that I have seen and heard, she is an amazing inspiration. Her song, Wings of Eagles has long been an inspiration to me. Especially when things got scary and I was unsure if I had the nerve to follow through. I’d listen and feel renewed.

(This and 3 others were updated 10/14/15 for the purpose of renaming “Our Prime Directive” to The Emerging Awareness Code – TEAC for short – (to reflect our position of Guide, versus one who issues directives) and allow for it’s emergence to become a code with principals that assist one in experiencing a effortlessly joyful, passionate and loving life.

The Emerging Awareness Code is Effortlessly living with Non-Attachment, while Unconditionally Acknowledging, Non-Judgmentally Accepting, Being Kind, Vulnerable, Compassionate and Gratefully Sharing, Encouraging and Loving Our Self, Everyone and Everything.

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