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In AWAKENING, J. D. James shares his Spiritual experiences illustrating we are interconnected, while giving readers a new and different perspective to life’s timeless questions.

We believe AWAKENING’s stories are worth reading; and it’s worth your time to ponder, reflect, and consider the stories underlying messages. To read other stories click here.


The first spiritual illumination came to me when I was ten years old.

Through the haze-filled air from the scattered automotive plants throughout Detroit and its suburbs, the rising sun had started to cast hints of a golden glow.

Golden beams of sunshine were starting to filter through the metal-slatted venetian blinds that were half raised throughout the red brick colonial house on Joseph Campeau Avenue on the near northeast side of the city. It was July of 1954.

The clock on the nightstand registered 6:34 am. During the night, I had moved my twin size bed next to the raised front window of the second floor bedroom, hoping, and yes, praying, for the occasional light breeze that would grant some relief from the hot and humid stagnate night air.

I lay on my back in a deep sleep, lips slightly parted, slowly and softly inhaling and exhaling, with my chest barely rising and falling with each breath. As I lay there barely breathing, cocooned in the embrace of a deep peaceful slumber, I died to this world.

I was slowly encased in a black void of complete and absolute darkness. I was not afraid because there was a certain calmness and peace to this total absence of light. As the velvet ebony darkness of the moment caressed and encased me, I noticed a pinprick of light directly in front of me.

It appeared that I was moving toward the light or maybe the light was moving toward me. I could not tell. On my skin, I began to feel a light prickling sensation that at first seemed like caresses and then tickled my flesh.

It was coming from the light. The light seemed to penetrate every fiber and cell of my being with a warm glow of complete and total well-being, peace, and love. I was caught in a brilliant cascade of all encompassing love, peace and tranquility.

The light was golden and bright beyond belief. It should have blinded me, but it did not. At its peak of brilliance, it appeared to consume a quarter of the darkness. I did not enter the light. The light did not consume me. There were no beings to communicate within the light.

For a moment, suspended in eternity, I observed its wonderfulness and it fused into my being a peacefulness and love that surpasses my feeble attempt to convey into words the experience of the moment.

Years later, I would conclude that there are some things that cannot be expressed in words, but can only be experienced in the spirit. Then it was over.

I immediately awoke; jumped out of bed to my feet; and thought, “Wow! What was that?” I went to the bathroom and peed. I never told anyone about what I now know to be a divine vision; never gave much further thought about the incident for years to come.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a most remarkable series of revelations and events. After all, I was only a ten-year-old boy.

The second spiritual illumination came to me when I was twenty-six years old.

I lay in bed sleeping. My mother had died seven years earlier. My wife and I had three children, two boys and a girl I had bought the red colonial brick home on Joseph Campeau Street to keep it in the family; and besides, it was a nice house. I don’t recall what time of year it was, but I guess that is not important.

My dream was interrupted as I was surrounded by a void of complete blackness. A distant light appeared to approach. As it got nearer, I began to feel the penetrating love and peace of the light. I was again consumed by love, peace and tranquility so intense that I felt like crying.

But this light was different. In the light, there appeared to be a robed man, standing and watching me. He said nothing; he did not beckon; he just looked at me, and I just looked back. Suddenly the light disappeared. I awoke instantly, got out of bed, went to the bathroom and, of course, peed.

However, this time there was something noticeably different. Some of the magic of the dream clung to me for four or five hours. During this time, I moved about in a state of total bliss.

Years passed, and I never told anyone about the dream vision. I went about my life working and caring for my family and never thought too much about the visions.

I did know that somehow the two visions were connected. I was not particularly religious, but I did have a few spells where I attended church; and I was baptized into the Christian faith.

The third, and perhaps final, spiritual illumination came to me when I was thirty-five.

Over the passing years, I achieved some level of what some people believed to be success. I lived in a very large three-story house in an exclusive area of the city.

The Roman Catholic Cardinal Dearden was my next-door neighbor and many of the so-called movers and shakers of Detroit lived around me. I was a businessman who employed 350 workers, making tubular parts for the automotive industry.

I was making money and living the high life with plenty of wine, women and song. Only in my case, there was an abundance of women and liquor and very little to sing about.

My marriage had failed. I was living alone in my big house with only my black Labrador, who was appropriately named Midnight, as a companion. I found out the hard way why we call a dog, man’s best friend. He was not only my best friend, but was also my only friend.

I lay sleeping in bed when the third vision occurred, which was the great granddaddy of all visions. From this vision, everything in my life changed and my quest began to first enlighten myself and finally bring these truths to the world.

I stood on a wide cliff, high in the air surrounded by mountains. The air was crisp and fresh, cool but not cold, and moving with a light breeze. There was plenty of light, although I could not determine the source.

The mountains were of a basic brown color with snow capped peaks that reached up to a cloudless blue sky. I could feel and hear the tiny rocks crunching under my feet as I moved around taking in the panoramic view.

I soon noticed that I was not alone. About thirty yards away, standing upon my ledge, stood an ancient-looking man with a long white beard, dressed in long ornate biblical looking robes.

His white hair reached half way down his back. I thought to myself, with a bit of humor, that he reminded me of Charleston Heston’s portrayal of an aged Moses in the Cecil B. DeMille movie, The Ten Commandments.

I looked at him puzzled, not quite knowing what to make of him. Then he spoke to me saying, “Do you know who I am?” Instantly I knew, and with full certainty, I said, “You are God.”

“Yes, I am. I have been waiting to have this conversation with you, and I know that you have a lot of questions that you have been seeking answers to.”

I immediately responded, “I have waited so long, and I do have questions.”

Smiling, He spoke, “But, in order for you to receive your answers, you have to be dead because no man can come to me alive and obtain their answers.”

I immediately took three steps back and held up both hands, arms extended, as if to push him away. I cried out, “I want to know, but not that bad! I am not willing to die to get the answers!”

Before I could get the last utterance out of my mouth, I was dead. It was similar to a shutter clicking on a camera. One moment I was alive; and a split second later, I was dead.

I was still conscious but I did not realize that I was also transformed. I stared across the space that divided us in amazement and bewilderment, and said, “Is that all there is to that?”

He answered back, “That is what you have been afraid of all these years,” and smiled.

I said, “Well, that was . . . nothing! It was like walking from one room into another.”

“I know. Now ask me your questions. I have come to answer them all.”

I hesitated for a moment, building up the nerve to ask, “Who or what are You?”

His demeanor changed; the smile left His lips; and with a serious look on His face, He replied, “I AM THAT I AM!”

Remember I said that I was transformed and did not know it? Instead of God answering back to me, I found myself inside His body looking through His eyes across the space that divided us at my former self. I, as God, said, “I AM THAT I AM!”

I was totally taken aback. How could this be possible? How could I ask the question as me and answer the question as God? But I was too anxious to have all my questions answered to dwell on this mystery. I did not want to lose this opportunity.

As I contemplated these thoughts, I was immediately transformed back into my original body; and looking at God, asked my next question, “What does ‘I AM THAT I AM’ mean?”

Again, instantly transformed back inside the God body, I answered myself, “I have known Myself before there was eternity, before time, before universe; and I was, I AM THAT I WAS, I AM THAT I AM NOW, I AM WHAT I WILL BECOME.

This will soon be made clear to you when I reveal to you all of what I AM, but not now. In time, you will know everything that you need to know.”

I thought that was a strange answer as I looked at Him back inside my body again. “Do You have a name?”

Transposed again, I answered myself, “I am called many names. I answer to all; but to you, I will one day reveal my true name because to know my name is to know who I really am, but you are not ready to receive this information. Be patient.”

As I thought about His response or was it my response, the lines had started to blur between the two of us. I asked, “What is the meaning of life?”

As God, I answered, “What you really mean is, what is the meaning and for what purpose does man exist? The answer is simple, so I can grow.”

Transformed back to me, I asked, “But how?”

I stared back at my earthly form and said, “Your lives expand me. But, again, you will be given full knowledge in due time. There is much that you have to learn before you are able to understand completely. You will know and you will tell the world.”

Staring back at Him, I thought that some of His responses sounded more like riddles than answers; but I pressed on with another question, “Is there good and evil?”

God or I answered, “There’s no good or evil. There’s only I.”

I asked another question, “Do evil men like Hitler go to hell when they die?”

In my altered state as God, I answered “There is no hell to go to nor is there a place that you call heaven. There is only I.”

Thoroughly perplexed, I thought that this statement goes against everything that I had been taught as a child. No good or evil, no heaven or hell. How can this be possible?

As I formulated the thought as a question, I instantly knew the answer. I had not been taught the truth. Instead everything that I had been taught was a lie.

I questioned, “Is there a judgment day to come where wicked men will be judged for their bad deeds?”

“No judgment day will come. No Jesus returning from the sky. No lake of fire. All are things made up to frighten humankind by people who think that they are powerful. Soon you will be shown the truth of these things.”

Back in my body, I was flabbergasted. “So people can go through life committing every imaginable type of selfish act and not be punished?”

“I did not say that. Remember there always is a price to pay for selfish deeds, just like there is a reward for living the selfless life.”

I continued to ask question after question. I asked about love, hate, murder, political power, false doctrine, wars, famine, greed, and on and on. All of which will be answered as you continue to read because this is not the appropriate time for you, the reader, to know and understand.

All that you ever desired to know will be revealed as you read on. But there was something miraculous that happened during this encounter with God.

When I had run out of questions to ask, God approached me, or was it I approaching myself? The lines between us were almost totally erased. He said, “Behold I will show you a miracle of miracles that few of your kind has ever seen. It will stay with you for a short time and then it will return to me.”

And with those words, He and I were no longer separated by the space between us. My mind fused into His and we became One. Everything that He knew, I knew. Every little petty thing that I knew, He knew. I received the gift of perfect knowledge.

My mind expanded to understand how the universe was created. Not only was I there at its inception, I was there as it existed in the moment, and I was there as it was going to be.

I saw distant galaxies, other universes, and distant non-human species. It was all so simple. With His universal mind of perfect knowledge, ALL things were known and understood. I was omnipresent. My consciousness had expanded to engulf the entire universe and more, oh so much more. It was all so simple!

I found myself in complete darkness with the only visible object being a pinpoint of light. I was being drawn towards it. As I got nearer and nearer, I began to feel the sensation of love, peace and tranquility.

The closer I got the more brilliant the light became. It was the same light that I saw when I was ten and twenty-six years old. It was huge and massive beyond belief. It was larger than the universe and it was growing.

On what appeared to be its surface, I could make out movement, a lot of movement, reminiscent of a swarming beehive. It was so exquisitely beautiful. The feeling of euphoria was almost unbearable. The surface beings were all welcoming me home. Their sweet thoughts rang in my ears.

“We have been waiting so long. Welcome back. Your mother and father are waiting. Everyone that you love is here waiting for you. Hurry. Come back to us.”

Then I understood what I was watching as I was drawn through the outer surface deep into the collective mind of all of the souls that were and that would ever be.

When I think of that feeling of complete bliss and joy, I want to cry even as I write these words. I cannot begin to tell you what it was like. How can I explain the unexplainable? It cannot be done.

My consciousness had rejoined in unison with the Universal Creator God’s mind and I was One again. Still more amazingly, I was more than One. I was everyone that was, is, and would be, all in the moment.

Then, I suddenly had a touch of anxiety. In this state of universal consciousness, where was the old me!? Anxiously, I searched about and finally reaching way back and deep down within my new self, I found the former me secure and content.

I was instantly awake. I leaped out of bed and turned on the light. While Midnight looked at me with a strange look of understanding, I paced back and forth across the expansive bedroom.

I could not believe what had just happened. What was that all about? Could all of that have been true? Is that the way things really are? It was all so real. No, it was more than real! I was there and I had no doubt about it! And this time, I did not have to pee.

For the next week, I went about my daily activities in a state of perfect knowledge. I just knew and it was all so simple. However, as I was told, little by little, day-by-day, it faded from my consciousness. Within three months it had disappeared entirely.

I told a few close friends who were steeped in the Christian religion. They listened intently, appeared or tried to understand, but did not have too much to say about the dream.

By this time, I had quit referring to the experience as a dream, but named it for what it was, a vision, a spiritual illumination given by the Creator One for the benefit of mankind.

I was selected as Its messenger. Why? I don’t have a clue. You notice that I do not refer to the Creator as He. It is not male or female. It is a spirit and has no sex.

Men, for some vile reason, have designated what they perceive to be God as a “He” in order to exalt their gender over the females of the human species for the purposes of power and domination.

As you read on, you will learn how to communicate with the Creator just like I do. I will show you how to obtain enlightenment. You will know and understand the meaning of life and what you have to do to achieve ascension. You will know who and what the being you call God is, Its true nature, and purpose.

I have been put in a position to dispense these lessons to you, but I am a reluctant rabbi. I am reminded of the biblical story of Jonah. He also was a reluctant prophet; but in the end, after spending three days in the belly of a whale, he did the Master’s bidding.

For fifty-five years, I’ve been prepared, tutored and spoken directly to in order to give these words to you. They are not mine but a gift to all that would listen and understand.

I had hesitated for many years to write these words because I felt that humankind was so steeped in evil and thus unworthy to hear the truth.

Instead, I found I was not fully prepared to tell the story; however, a series of recent events have completed my preparation and now the story can be told.

We will start at the origin of endless possibilities. You may or may not understand the verbiage. It is extremely difficult to follow; however, do your best. Understanding the eternal is difficult, if not impossible.

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