Transformation through The Emerging Awareness Code


It’s an understatement (but please bear with me) to say our history clearly shows the development of humankind and how lifestyles have changed. Through the ‘Hunter-Gathers,’ ‘Agriculture,’ ‘Industrial,’ and now the post industrial ages, eight (8) major waves of consciousness we have or are evolving/developing through have been identified/acknowledged by Ken Wilber, Clare Graves and Spiral Dynamics among others.

For a moment, let’s compare our evolution to computers. The first computer (ENIAC) was built in 1946. In 1974, Intel introduced its 8080 chip and personal computers were not far behind. In 1969, Apollo 11 was America’s first moon landing. That trip required computers similar to ENIAC. Computers that required an entire office floor, with a cost of a million dollars or more, and an air conditioner(s) to keep cool. Today, we (you and I) likely have greater computing power in our smartphone, laptop or personal computer, yet we’re wishing it were faster and did more! The crucial point being – at the start of each of the computer’s prior stages, to suggest what is standard today, was beyond comprehension.

The same goes for our evolution and transformation through our waves of consciousness! I don’t know what waits for us, where we’re going, or the changes and steps involved. I do know Our Prime Directive will ease our journey, facilitate our unfolding and expression of our creative intention. Our creative intention, unique to each of us, is God’s (I do not refer to any specific religion, only The One, the Creative Presence of the Universe) gift to us. Unfolding and developing our creative intention is our gift to God and demonstrates whether we’re ready for our next gift.

Our Prime Directive is unconditionally acknowledging, accepting (being non-judgmental), and being vulnerable and compassionate, sharing, encouraging and loving ourselves, everyone and everything.

Our vulnerability and compassion do not expose us to pain, our attachment does. This lifetime is but a brief outing in our eternal unfolding. It’s our mistaken habit of attachment that leads us to squander our energy fretting about it, emotionally isolating ourselves (ironically, with the hope and intent of protecting ourselves from being hurt) thus suppressing our emotional well-being at the expense of our health, happiness, joy and love.

Imagine a young budding rose. In the moments just before unfolding her beautiful bloom, she peers through her veil and sees a bee flying from blossom to blossom, taking and leaving pollen and nectar in its flight. This invading bee is leaving its tracks, contaminating and spoiling nature’s pristine natural beauty. To the young rose, this is invasive and opening herself to this looks scary and painful. In an effort to protect herself, she struggles to contain herself, stresses out, refuses to bloom and thus stunts her unfolding beauty – her purpose in being here!

Similarly, when we assimilate and demonstrate Our Prime Directive, make it our SOP (standard operating practice), we position ourselves to experience and express our creative intention. Luckily, as an eternal being, there’s no rush. We have countless opportunities to learn and get it just right, demonstrating our awareness, skill and love before receiving our next gift.

Through our conscious choices with consistent follow through in what we initiate and respond, we illustrate our participation in the give and receive of life’s flow. This demonstrates our level of consciousness, whether we can experience a full lifetime of choice, including our death of self. This is our original intention and expectation in coming here. It is only by becoming distracted, deceived by our interpretations and illusions, thus stunting ourselves that we don’t achieve our goals.

For an analogy, visualize a young excited expectant child that feels fully prepared for their athletic competition, the playoffs. Leaving home, they’re imagining how the game will play out, the experience they will have. Yet, on the way to the park something unexpected happens and they become distracted, lose focus. They suddenly awaken, feeling disoriented, to find themselves immersed in the competition. The question is will they regain their footing – their confident awareness?

If they do, they fulfill their earlier expectation and proceed to the next round! If they don’t, another day, they’ll get another chance – another day – another competition.

Making Our Prime Directive our SOP will facilitate our journey, empower us in expressing our creative intention while surfing the consciousness waves, thus demonstrating we’re open and receptive for our next gift.

(This and 3 other posts were updated 10/14/15 for the purpose of renaming “Our Prime Directive” to The Emerging Awareness Code – TEAC for short – (to reflect our position of Guide, versus one who issues directives) and allow for it’s emergence to become a code with principals that assist one in experiencing a effortlessly joyful, passionate and loving life.

The Emerging Awareness Code is Effortlessly living with Non-Attachment, while Unconditionally Acknowledging, Non-Judgmentally Accepting, Being Kind, Vulnerable, Compassionate and Gratefully Sharing, Encouraging and Loving Our Self, Everyone and Everything.

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