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I received another email from a dear friend, who is working with me on the publication of this work. He has made these observations to me in previous communications, and I feel compelled to give him a response today.

His email follows in its entirety; and, as you will see, he discusses some extremely important issues that need some clarification and discussion.

To: J.D. James

My search for answers over the years brought me to read various authors and read such things as the life of Edgar Cayce and the writings of Max Freedom Long.

I had believed that the supernatural existed with its own physics so to speak, in which the laws of earth and those laws were divided each to itself. After a certain amount of reading it began to appear that the laws of physics were seamless and continuous throughout the cosmos.

In the ancient practices of the Polynesians, Cayce stated that they brought forth the truest teachings of Jesus. Long studied them over a considerable time and wrote several books concerning them. Long was a British teacher. In his studies of their words, he came to believe they were one of the lost tribes of the Jews. He used philology to link them as an intelligent way to do it.

Long observed what appeared to him to be miracles when they could call up the sharks and various other phenomena. He went to an elderly British scholar and discussed it and the older gentleman told him that yes indeed they did work miracles and he did not understand how but it was true.

Ironically the Christian missionaries on the islands were teaching hell fire and damnation while the so-called heathens were carrying out their practices that were apparently rooted into something much more real and concrete.

The missionaries were called the breathless ones by the indigenous people. It appeared that certain breathing practices were associated with what they were doing. It was at that point that I began to believe that there was a connection in the laws of physics between the two worlds. Long wrote a book entitled The Secret Science Behind Miracles.

The perspective gives support to the concept and belief that the Creator is indeed an unbiased entity that empowered all of his children with the power to elevate themselves to a much more exalted position.

Did Jesus not say that “these things that I do ye shall do greater”? Do we ignore such statements because they do not fit our worldview? Is the power of creation part of our power? Jesus was quoted as saying, “Don’t ye know that ye are gods?” A god would be an eternal being with a certain power over Its environment.

Jesus came to teach, not to be worshiped. Are we the primitives that are confused? Truth is that we are all a part of the Creator and all are One. Now my studies will reveal more to me as I study J. D. James.

Sincerely, L. H.

My response:

To start with, there are no laws of physics. Zero, nada, none. We are all creatures of the Void. In the Void, everything that you wish for comes true because in the Void there are no laws of physics to prevent them from coming into reality or, at least, what we perceive reality to be.

When we were all One and decided to step out of the eternal moment of being, We, the Creator One, wished for Universe and having said so, so it was.

The newly willed-into-existence Universe did not have any laws, gravity, astrophysics, or quantum physics; they did not exist, nor was it necessary for them to exist. The Universe did not function based upon physics, but functioned and was held together by the will of the Creator One. No laws; just will.

As humankind progressed and I personally think it has not been a good progression, we started to make laws to explain and control the environment around us.

Let me offer you an early example. Ancient man, trapped in the laws of mysticism, would sacrifice a young virgin girl to the gods every year for good crops. After each sacrifice, the harvest was always bountiful.

They had established a new law of cause and effect; they knew by law that the sacrifice always produced a good crop. If the sacrifice did not produce good crops, they would have ceased the practice and maybe started to offer up for sacrifice virgin boys.

In the annual practice of the sacrifice, they found that they would in some years still have less than desired harvests so they created a new law to redefine the old to allow for crop failures.

Evil deeds by individuals or the community at large could nullify their law of sacrifice and produce a less than adequate harvest.

Sounds too simple, you may be thinking, they were just primitive people not knowledgeable like me. Remember that this was their law and having said it, so it was.

Let me offer another example. Before Galileo, the laws of the known universe dictated and were accepted by all that the sun, moon and all of the celestial bodies in the visible night sky revolved around the earth. It was the law, and the law worked by giving a perfect explanation of what was seen.

Then Galileo came along with his telescope and postulated the heresy that, no, the earth revolved around the sun because Galileo with his telescope could see things unseen.

Now you must understand that before Galileo’s declaration, the sun DID revolve around the earth. You say that is impossible. I ask were you or I there to disprove this law?

The collective consciousness and will of the God within each and every one of the people of Galileo’s time made it so. You say preposterous and I just smile to you and say that I have more.

Stephen Hawking, the celebrated and best-selling astrophysicist, is given credit for advancing the existence of black holes. As a result of his mathematics and best selling novels, all of mankind now accepts a new law that black holes exist without question.

Nearly all understand that the gravitational field of a black hole is so strong that even light is bent and drawn down into its gravity well to some unknown place or into another universe. It is the law.

We all know that black holes exist. But do they really? The nature of Hawking’s discovery is that we cannot verify his conclusions one way or the other. The strongest telescopes, lens or electronic, cannot conclusively verify their existence.

Both types of telescopes can verify that there are certain points in space where there are strange phenomena happening. On the near event horizon of a suspected black hole, scientists observe light and other objects of matter behaving erratically.

Is this proof positive of a black hole or merely proof that there is something, beyond our ability to currently understand, occurring?

I know what you are thinking. Hawking and Einstein’s postulations are theories, not laws. Again I ask, really? But I have more for you to consider. Keep in mind; we are still discussing the laws of physics.

Isaac Newton’s law of gravity is beyond dispute; or so most people think. Newton was smart enough to keep it simple for the layperson. He said just drop an apple and see what happens. It falls to the ground every time. Drop a trillion apples, and even I know, that they will fall to the ground without fail.

He then told them that, my friend, this is the law of gravity and small-massed objects are attracted to large-mass objects every time. That is why the small apple falls toward the big earth. They all saw and collectively believed, and it became a law of physics.

He also said that, if you place two objects at opposite ends of the universe, each object would be attracted to the other object in direct proportion to its mass. Again, he wisely kept it simple.

To prove his point, stretch a blanket as tight as you can between four posts. When it is as taut as you can make it, place a large round object, like a bowling ball into the middle of the blanket. Next, try and set a baseball on the edge of the blanket. You will notice that the baseball is drawn to the stationary bowling ball every time.

Now I know that they did not have modern day bowling balls or baseballs in Newton’s time and I don’t have a clue as to what he could have used, so forgive me for improvising.

However, understand this: The collective God within the masses observed and agreed, and it was made so. Remember in this place without laws, laws can only be made by the collective will of the Many Without Count. Sounds too simple? But wait! I have more.

Any thinking person would assume that Newton’s laws would logically apply throughout the universe at every level, but a complete repudiation of Newton occurs at the subatomic level.

One would think that the laws of physics at the macro level would apply to the micro level. Not so. Gravity has no effect and is non-existent in quantum physics, which is the study of subatomic particles.

In the study of quantum physics, we enter the realm of the strange and the unknown. Every newly discovered concept (you cannot say fact because there are none) is in a state of flux, and changes to the point that whatever the probing scientist searches for, he finds.

For example, three different scientists, all observing the same phenomenon, will come up with three completely different observable and verifiable solutions.

In simple terms, at the quantum level, whatever you wish for, you get. Observing and searching for specific results that appear and are formed by the will of the scientific observer create new laws and applications.

This is not done at a conscious level of thinking. The scientists are not aware that they are doing this. Sound familiar? In a place of endless possibilities, unrestricted by the laws of physics, whatever you wish for you get.

So what does this say about the laws of physics or the laws of anything else for that matter? They don’t exist!

In 2000, I was reading the Houston Chronicle and read an article on the discovery of the then smallest atomic particle that forms the foundation of all the matter in the universe.

They named it the Higgs Boson. And guess what it is composed of? A vibrating vacuum. It would seem that the universe is composed of nothing.

Again, does this sound familiar? The Creator One, a consciousness without form, divided Itself into the Many Without Count, and became Universe, so It could do.

The One has no physical body. There was not building materials within the Void from which to make a Universe, so the One made a Universe out of Itself and a wish to be more.

My email friend incorrectly assumes that there is a supernatural world, not part of our current universe. If they are known to this universe, they are of this universe.

The only way that you cannot be of this universe is to be outside of it. Then we cannot know of you and you cannot know of us. We do not exist for each other and cannot even comprehend the possibility that the other exists.

Within our universe, there are many different planes of existence, as Jesus said that in His Father’s house, there are many mansions, or planes of existence.

The Polynesians are different from the culture of take and take more practiced by western civilization. They did not perform a miracle when they called the shark, whale or any other sea creature for they knew that All is One and One is All. They merely called their spiritual brother, the shark or whale, to commune with it.

The white men called them miracles because they did not have the ability to call the animals forth. These sea creatures, unencumbered with the ability to do good or evil, had a more accessible consciousness to approach the Creator One through.

They would join these creatures with One mind, man and animal, and speak with the One, asking for guidance to ensure that they continue to live in universal harmony with each other and all of the One’s manifestations.

The Polynesians soon became aware that the white men, lead by their missionary zealots, had a true agenda of taking away their freedom, lands, and culture.

They saw the white men pray on Sunday to their Mary and Jesus, then explain to them that Jesus was the only true son of God and that they must believe in his divinity or suffer the consequences of hell’s fire; and on Monday, set aside their religion and murder their people for their land.

They had no doubt that the white men’s gods were false. They knew that at the creation of man, the Creator One had given man the breath of life and made him mortal and alive. They knew that this sacred breath was the universal life force and when a person died he gave the breath back to the One.

The Polynesians called the white men, the breathless ones, which meant that the white men and women no longer held the precious breath of life in their bodies so they were the walking demonic dead.

They were beings that existed entirely for themselves as abominations and affronts to the Creator One. Their purpose in life was to destroy and make mayhem on the people of the One.

The Polynesians are not the lost tribe of Israel; the Mormons have already made that claim. But they are the descendants of black Africans and Oriental Asians.

They are a perfect blending of these two ethnic groups with the dominant black genes suppressing the weaker Asian genes. Their hair is semi-coarse, not fine; their skin is brown, not yellow; their features are broad and their lips are full.

The only concession to their Asian heritage is their almond-shaped eyes, which are not even hooded. Look at the golfer, Tiger Woods; he is the perfect prototype of this comingling of genetic materials.

Finally, I must assert again, the Creator One is not a god and we are not Its children. It is Us and We are It so long as the life giving Souls share our bodies of flesh.

Would you call the carpenter that built your house a god? No, of course not, he is just the man that did something that you lacked the skill and know-how to do. So, why think in terms of the One being a god.

Mankind did not thrust godhood on It, but our ambitious self-serving leaders did. The One does not wish to be worshiped. Please give me one reason why this entity would require us to be on our knees in supplication to It.

You do it because you have been taught to do it by your culture and your parents’ culture back to the beginning of time. Do you for a moment believe the rich power elites practice these rituals? They may pray publicly for your eyes to see, but privately they laugh at you behind closed doors.

And where has all of this religious fervor gotten us? Is the world any better off for the prophets coming? Two thousand years after the coming of Jesus, the 20th century has been the most violent in the history of mankind.

We are told that the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths are religions of peace. I say, look at the record. Can anyone honestly make that claim? More death and destruction has been done in the names of those religions than could be conceived by Satan himself. By the way, he doesn’t exist either.

So, what is the solution? Read these pages and you will find some. Herein are the seeds of wisdom and truth given to me by the Creator One to pass on to you. Whether you choose to plant them, water, and nurture them is your choice.

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