Strength, Joy and Love: The Benefits of Being Our Authentic Self!


We are social beings and whether we believe we’re good enough to fit in or that we not good enough and therefore condition ourselves to fit in directly affects whether we alienate from or accept our self as we are. In turn, this directly affects our mental well-being and has been recognized as a vital and crucial step in well-being and finding success, joy and happiness.

On the other hand, when we determine we’re not good enough to be accepted and loved as we are, we condition which alienates ourselves from our authentic self. This process of self-alienation, distancing our self from our feelings or activities, is a symptom of emotional distress and is the leading cause of mental disorder and disease. So to avoid this, let’s embrace ourselves.
Feeling Good About Me from Be The Magnificent You Disc 1

Authenticity is considered the most important and fundamental aspect, the very essence, of well-being and mental health. It lessens stress and avoids or at least minimizes the mental health disorders that are founded by our conditioning ourselves. Why is this so important?

For an entertaining and informative experience, understanding and grasping the depth of the value in being authentic, our true self; feeling loved and accepted while we develop our skills and experience the fullness of our authenticity, watch Pixar’s new movie – Inside Out.

Inside Out tugs at our heart, giving us a visual cornucopia in experiences of how importantly – yet fragile – our emotions play out while our authentic self-image and self-esteem develops. All this while delivering tears, heart-felt laughs and life’s insights.
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We’ve known for some time the positive effects of self-esteem and well-being. Imagine, if our self-esteem is based upon self-acceptance of our authentic self, with a lifetime of heartfelt experiences, deep awareness of and appreciation for ourselves. Coming from this position of strength, we see the beauty in each other, everyone and everything because we first saw it in ourselves.
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