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In AWAKENING, J. D. James shares his Spiritual experiences illustrating we are interconnected, while giving readers a new and different perspective to life’s timeless questions.

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Everything that we have discussed to this point has a basis in the spiritual and metaphysical world of religion. There are those who have made science their God in our technological society where scientific breakthroughs occur daily.

They feel that science debunks any religious trainings or beliefs. I will now show you that there is absolutely no conflict with human science and the existence of the Creator One. Instead, the science supports everything that we have been talking about.

Until his death in 1955, Albert Einstein spent the last thirty years of his life looking for a unified theory of the universe, some magical mathematical equation that would combine his theory of relativity with the theories of quantum mechanics.

It seems that the cosmos and the subatomic particle worlds operate on completely different principles. Logically, one would think that what was proven to be true on the macro level would also be true on the micro level. Not so.

In the fifty-four years since his death, scientists worldwide have been trying to solve the riddle of creation without too much success. Many theories have been postulated; but the more complex that they are, the ability to prove or disprove them becomes more difficult or impossible under laboratory conditions.

I make no claims to being an expert in astrophysics or quantum physics. From a layman’s point of view, I wish to submit for your consideration that everything that they are trying to do fits perfectly with the universe as set forth by the Creator One with the exception of one basic fact:

There can be no unified theory of the universe without the inclusion of the One, and what I call the X factor of Its spiritual powers.

In examining Einstein’s theory, the holy grail of astrophysics, he states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light. Nearly all of the scientific community agrees with him; however, I will give you two instances of just the opposite being true.

About three years ago, I read in the Houston Chronicle by accident or maybe it wasn’t, that a group of scientists had conducted an experiment where they had accelerated a particle faster than the speed of light into a box which contained a super cold environment for conductivity purposes. The particle was observed leaving the box before it had entered the box.

Let me say that again. It had exited the box before it had entered the box. The ramifications to me were: The speed of light is not the ultimate speed limit in the universe.

More importantly, the particle that had exited first had traveled into the future where there was now two particles, where there had at first been only one.

But, there had been an additional consequence of the experiment; it proved that it was possible to be omnipresent. The One could be in at least two places at the same time.

The conclusion must be drawn that this experiment proves the ability of something or someone to exist in the moment at more than one location. In all of the religions of the world, this is one of the main attributes given to God that It is omnipresent and is everywhere in and outside of the Universe at the same time. I find it interesting that science supports this supposition.

Most people are aware that the universe is expanding at an accelerated pace. Those who subscribe to the theory (that the big bang created the universe) are somewhat dumbfounded at this latest turn of events.

They had believed the universe would expand, slowing down as it went. Until one day far into the future, it would stop expanding, contract back onto itself into a very small but extremely dense ball of universal matter, and explode starting the process all over again.

The scientists, having no logical explanation for this phenomenon, have theorized that within the universe there is a force that they have labeled “dark energy” which is causing the universe to expand faster and faster.

I suggest that it is not dark energy that is causing this acceleration but the will of the Creator One who does not wish for Its Universe to crash back in on Itself at least not at the present time.

Now we all know that this will be a tough pill for these scientists to swallow. When studying phenomena, their training is to always use a scientific cause and effect, at every level.

But consider that whatever is causing the acceleration, it cannot be understood, observed, or measured. Scientists have no idea, not a clue, about what dark energy is composed of or that it even exists; but they will never ever consider for a moment that there might be a Creator One at work.

Another perplexing problem confounds the scientists. Their mathematical models indicate that the observable universe is missing well over ninety percent of its mass. By missing, I mean they cannot observe it in any fashion or account for it in any manner.

But, it has to be there because without it the universe would tear itself to pieces. Hence, they constructed the theory that the missing mass of the universe is composed of dark matter. They can’t see, touch, smell, or taste it but they know that it is there.

Here again, I suggest that this invisible matter is composed of the will of the Creator One. It does not wish Its Universe to tear Itself to shreds so It wills the Universe to hold Itself together. Remember, I am not saying that the One is a god, only a Super Consciousness that desires to grow by being more.

We, for a lack of a better word, are Its children. It is the One and Its Many Without Count that comprise everything that make up our universe.

If the scientists would include the X factor of there being a universal mind binding the fabric of the universe together, then the progress that could be made in studying the universe would be colossal.

Let me give you an example. Mankind has always dreamed of traveling to the stars. Our science fiction writers have introduced the concepts of wormholes, faster than light speed warp drives, and folding of time and space as methods for covering vast distances.

Thus, our scientists are working toward achieving these goals by thinking in terms of creating some mechanical or scientific means of transportation.

If the One is omnipresent and we are One with It, then we too are omnipresent as well. Then the question becomes why build a spaceship to travel to a distant galaxy? Since we are omnipresent, (now hold onto your seat) we are already there! Sound impossible?

People through meditation have been able to project themselves out of body for thousands of years. Why not study how to use this so-called metaphysical skill to refine it and travel to the stars?

I cannot believe that we exist to limit ourselves to living on a small planet, circling an average size star in a bland, not so special galaxy’s outermost spiral arm.

All we have to do is recognize and understand who we really are and achieve an altered state of consciousness which we do every day. Here are some great examples.

Have you ever been hypnotized? Most people say that they have not, yet you hypnotize yourself every day if you drive a car.

You are driving across town, lost in your daydreams, thinking about everything but driving. The traffic light turns red and you automatically stop, not having any memory of what or whom you passed to get to the light.

Your subconscious mind was aware that the light turned red and told your foot to press the brake pedal. You were in a self-imposed hypnotic altered state of being. The light changes to green; you pull away from the light and return to your altered state of mind.

You go to church (as we have previously discussed) and get happy with the Holy Spirit; you listen to your favorite CD and are swept away to another time and place.

You play a team sport, and as we mentioned before, transcend the consciousness of Self to be absorbed into the collective mind of the team.

All of these are altered states that offer the potential of expanding your mind to be able to find the ability to be omnipresent at will.

I am constantly asking people do they dream. Their answers range from never to sometimes and they tell me that they do not remember them. I dream all of the time, and the dreams are as real as me sitting here writing these words.

When I was child, I had a dream of an invisible little shadow man who would chase me through the dark rooms of my house and grab me so tightly that I could not move.

I would wake up struggling to free myself from his grasp. I was terrified of this nightmare creature that stayed with me in my dreams, visiting less and less frequently as I got older.

Around the age of twenty-four, I smoked some grass, went to sleep, and my little nightmare friend chased and grabbed me again; but this time, I recognized who he was. He was me! With this recognition, I never had that dream again.

My dreams are constant from the moment I lay my head down until I get up during the night to urinate which is frequent due to my age. And they are real! I have had what I call “The Water Dream” many times; each time with a slightly different twist.

I come out of a large building that feels like a hotel and approach an expansive area of freshly mowed lawn that gently slopes down to a granite quarry, half filled with fresh water.

Lying atop blankets and basking in the sun on this perfectly beautiful day, approximately fifty families have picnic baskets full of fresh food. I say to myself, “You know that this is a dream?” To which I reply, “I know but look at how real it seems.”

I reach down and grab a handful of the grass and vigorously rub it in my hands and it stains my fingers. I bring the grass up to my face and marvel at its greenness and its fragrance overwhelms me. I scratch myself on my forearm hard and it hurts. The colors, the sun, the smells are all so real and they are.

I walk to the quarry and see five people swimming lazily about. There is a young woman swimming whom I feel I have known for a long time and we are in love. I am no longer in my sixties but young like she is. We exchange greetings by waving to each other; she is still a way’s off.

Soon I am swimming alongside her in the crystal clear water that feels cool and wet to my touch. I have quit thinking that this is a dream. I am lost in this altered state with her. We kiss and my head swirls with love and passion for her and the dream goes on.

There is a lot more to tell but I hope this is sufficient for you to understand what is happening. Am I asleep with her as I write this text? Is this the dream of that other place of time and space?

And there is more. I have four other basic dreams that I live within when I sleep at night. I have the dream where I am partially lost in a city that appears to be the Detroit of my youth but totally filled with dangerous back alleys and side streets that I must navigate to get home.

I have the dream of the big flood where I am driving and there is water everywhere and I nearly drive off of a very high bridge. I have the dream of the house and neighborhood that I grew up in.

The modest house is huge with all kinds of hidden rooms and the neighborhood is very different. I have the dream of Los Angeles, the West Coast, and the trip from Houston to get there.

All the dreams have some things in common. I am always human and male, never female. I am on an earth-like planet. I never eat but I do go to the bathroom to urinate. And I am never old, always young and in my prime.

For those of us who do dream, we are able to transcend the confines of this universe and slip into some of the parallel universes that exist around us. Why not spend as much time and resources to enhance these abilities as we do in developing new sciences to explain the actions of the universe?

When we enter the universe of quantum mechanics, we find that none of the laws that apply to the astrophysics of planets, stars, and galaxies have any bearing. We enter the land of the unknown, the crazy, and the bizarre.

What appears to be right today is wrong tomorrow. Scientists, looking at the same observable event, each see something completely different. It is as if what you wish to find always comes true. Maybe.

Let me give you an example of how chaotic things are. You are at a baseball game. The pitcher throws the batter a high hard inside pitch. On the way to the plate, the baseball turns into a football. The batter lays down a bunt with his tennis racket (because the bat has disappeared) and runs into the stands.

The pitcher reaches for the football only to find it has morphed into a bowing ball and rolls it toward first base knocking all the pins over. The umpire shouts that the runner is out at first base. The game is over and your team wins. But were you really playing baseball? Does it really matter? After all, you did win.

Three scientists conduct an experiment with extremely small subatomic particles that are confined to a box with no way to escape. The first scientist places in the box thirty of these particles.

Another scientist is ordered to count the particles in the box. He does not know how many particles were originally placed into the box. He reports that he counted seven particles. No more, no less.

The first and second scientists look into the box at the same time. The first scientist again counts thirty particles while the second scientist counts seven. A third scientist is asked to confirm which one of the counts is accurate. He looks into the box and finds it to be empty. How is this possible?

The scientific community has come up with a perfectly logical but deficient solution. Simply put, they say at the subatomic level, it is not possible in some cases to take an accurate accounting of what is happening.

In some cases, you get what you wish for or what you think should be happening. In other cases, the particles defy any rational explanation. The act of trying to observe the phenomenon guarantees that you will not be able to achieve accurate measurements or understanding.

In November of 2000, an interesting article appeared in my local paper. For years, scientists had been looking for the Higgs Boson, which is thought to be a vibrating chunk of the unseen vacuum that underlies everything in the universe.

It was quickly referred to as the “God particle” by the media. Some of the scientists falsely believed by unlocking the secrets of this particle, the building block of the universe, they would be able to enter the mind of God.

Unfortunately, the article was not correct. The experiment did not achieve any provable results. To date, they are still looking for the Higgs. They hope that, when the new particle accelerator in Europe comes back on line after a failed start up, they will be able to find this elusive particle.

But what caught my eye was the comment that the Higgs was made up of a vibrating vacuum; and we all know that there is nothing in a vacuum. So a vibrating nothing is the basic building block of the universe?

That would mean that the universe is made out of nothing; or just maybe, as we have stated earlier, a wish come true by a Super Consciousness, called the Creator One, in a place where everything that you desire becomes a perceived reality.

Again as you can see, there is no conflict between the science and the word that the One has directed me to give you.

In the nearly ten years since the article appeared, scientists have more or less moved on discarding the Higgs Boson as the building block of the universe and have adopted a more radical theory of the universe’s construction.

It is called “String Theory.” Now hold onto your hats and follow what I am about to tell you very carefully.

It seems that five world-renowned quantum physicists each came up with a theory that more or less explains and combines the forces of the astro universe with the electromagnetic forces of the quantum universe in provable mathematical equations.

But there is a significant problem: How could each of the five scientists be right and whom should we believe? The quantum people found themselves at a brick wall until one of their guild members by the name of Witten introduced a theory that combined all five into one unified theory, which he labeled “String Theory.”

Witten said all five theories were correct because they all explained the same phenomenon from different perspectives and each of their theories fit neatly into his Theory of String.

But in order for Witten’s theory to work, he introduced eleven dimensions and a plethora of parallel universes for the mathematical basis of his proof. Sounds complex; but is it? Now let me break it down in terms that can be easily understood.

Witten theorizes that the building blocks of the universe are extremely small strings of energy and their length and the degree to which they vibrate forms all of the particles that make up the universe.

These strings are vibrating in harmony like a cello playing in a symphony orchestra playing the song of the universe. Sound familiar?

Remember when I told you that the Universe was sung into existence by a song? I wrote those words two months before I did the research on String Theory. I had heard of Witten’s theory, but never really knew what they were talking about.

Furthermore and this is extremely important, all of the strings are connected to one another through what Witten calls the universal membrane that exists in another dimension. If everything is connected like I have been writing, then the science supports beyond a doubt that All is One and One is All!

Here again, there is no conflict between the nature of the One and human science as revealed to me and now shared with you.

I need to add that these scientific postulations are theories. They have not been proven and may never be proven. The interesting thing to note is that the farther the scientists progress in their understanding of the universe, the closer they come in agreement with the nature of the Creator One as shown to me.

While the pundits will tell you that science will disprove the existence of God, it appears that just the opposite is happening. You just have to know who It is and all the wonders of the Universe will be at your command.

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