Say & Sing Along to Prosperity (Disc 1 of 2)

This set was introduced in 1978, when the primary focus of consciousness was expressed in prosperity. For Bud and Carmen, prosperity was the our birthright, for each of us. They focused on Divine Love expressing through us. A collection plate was not to be seen. More than 1 visitor to the TodayChurch expressed their amazement when,at the end of the service, nor any other time, did they see a collection plate. Bud and Carmen relied on the generousity of the universe.
A 3-step plan
   1 Carmen’ introduces the idea of programing ourselves for prosperity
   2 gives lesson, experiences and insights on realizing our prosperity
   3 followed by music supporting assimilating the lessons

My favorites are:
Every Day;
Show Me The Way;
Picture What You Can Be;
Knock, The Doors Will Open Wide;
Who Will Dare;
Picture What You Can Be

Say & Sing Along to Prosperity (Disc 1)

Buy this album or individual songs:

Carmen’s Introductory To Prosperity Reprogramming
Prosperity Reprogrammers For A Rich Prosperity – Principles #1 Through #5
John D. Rockefeller #12 Principle (Tithe In The Flow)

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