Developing our relationships is among the most important reasons we are here, yet our relationship with our self defines the perimeters for all our relationships.

Think about that. Let that sink in, weigh it and consider how many of us generally have a challenge taking care of our self. We see ourselves separate, distinct and apart from everyone, everything, including – especially apart from The One (how ever we each define our God – The Force – Creator – Creative/Universal Presence).

When we see ourselves separate and distinct from The One, we generally take one of two paths:

  • (1) We see a social/financial hierarchy, with ourselves somewhere sandwiched between others, below or above us. The goal becomes to climb up the hierarchy, staking our claim to more power, financial wherewithal, social status and whatnot in an ever-increasing spiral to isolate ourselves from those without while surrounding ourselves with those of ‘like-me/us.’ This group harbors a constant fear of shortage, regardless of how much one has, there’s never enough. Those in this group experience a double whammy because although they may be accomplishing all their worldly goals, the bottom line is even with all they have attained, they still need more. In Awakening, the story One Banana Monkey is an excellent example and an interesting read.
  • (2) We feel the constant urge, a pressing need to learn, grow, improve ourselves and be better. We may reasonably ask: What’s wrong with this? The driving force behind the need is the problem. While these traits in and of themselves are admirable even highly beneficial when done for the right purpose, for this group, the driving force is earning to being good enough to be accepted and loved – to be valued! Those caught in this trap experience a double whammy because although they’re learning and growing and giving, it’s never enough. In spite of all the people they have helped, of all they have grown, it’s not enough to prove themselves worthy of love and being valued. The story Mystery, in Awakening is an excellent example while being an interesting read.

Although there are different solutions to avoiding or ending our feelings of being separate from our Creator, we suggest this two-step plan:

  • (1) By using our greatest power: our power to choose – Acknowledge, accept and experience our connection with each other, everyone and everything – The One. Listen to Wonderfully Created from Be The Magnificent You, Disc 1, consider its message: The One created us — magnificently!
  • (2) Utilize this site, its message delivered through postings, music, video clips and whatever we can create to foster and smooth our journey through our transition to the more beautiful world awaiting us when we are aware of our true nature – one with The One.

I use the song Thanks To You, by Emmylou Harris, as a reminder that The One accepts, loves and values me in spite of my mistakes. Forgiven? It goes beyond forgiveness because no offense is taken in the first place. Below, I note the lyrics I focus on and imagine (emotionalize) the message I choose to receive.

  • ‘It’d take a baby child to know the way I feel.’ I ask myself, how does a newborn baby feel? Treasured, more valued than my words can describe. I imagine me being treasured by The One and I feel as if I’m immersed in love and acceptance.
  • ‘I’m a sinner … I open a bottle .. I get in trouble …I’m not a beginner’. Sure, I miss my mark and fall short of my goals, but this has no effect on my being treasured and loved, I’m a facet of The One, I’m beautiful!
  • ‘Someday, up in glory I’ll tell my story to someone who’ll smile and say You’re a mess but you’re my child.’ When a parent smiles and says ‘you’re a mess, but you’re my child,’ is that not unconditional love and acceptance?

This works! This is how I began healing and transforming myself through my experiences – I created, edited (changed specific lyrics in music to better nurture my self image) and immersed myself in an environment nurturing and sustaining me the way I choose to be. I highly recommend kicking the tires and giving it a spin – you’ll like what you experience!

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  • uplifterone Jun 20, 2015

    These principles are foundational on what I cover in our couples workshop.
    Awsesome looking forward to demonstrating and expanding upon these as you and I collaborate and expand this and other foundational points of awareness.

  • uplifterone Jun 20, 2015

    Joe and all,
    In the subject of giving and taking I am offering through your website in the same spirit that you referred to giving and taking, my personal coaching and also our couples workshop to those who feel inspired to take advantage of what I or us can bring.

  • Joe Murphy Jun 27, 2015

    First, thank you for your offer. I’m interested in knowing more about what you do, how you do it, what is available, and how does someone interested contact you?