Our Spirituality IS Our Linchpin


We have two selves, our personal self (lowercase self) and our Inner Self (uppercase Self). Our self is our body, our vehicle for experiencing our journey, while our Self is our connection with the Source, The One, the Creative Force Presence of everyone and everything.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Our journey may be a crash course in survival skills or a door to Life’s Greatest Adventure – we’ve got the wheel!

Our Self wishes to unfold and experience through Wholeness while our self is too often stuck in the Polarity extremes, thus disrupting the flow of Self-expressing as and through us. One of the most effective remedies available is recognizing, respecting and developing our self. Accepting and developing our self to be open, receptive and mature frees our Self to flow and express in accordance with our Creative Intention, the unique gift we were given to unfold and give to the Universe.

Until we mature our self, our self is as a young child kicking us in our knee, screaming for attention until it gets its way, derailing our peace, joy and love in the process. One of the most effective responses is recognizing and developing our personal self. This includes asking ourselves:

  • Are we living as our conditioned self or are we respecting our authentic self?
  • How developed are our personal skills and traits?
  • Which ‘Emotional Triggers’ and ‘Mind Traps’ routinely disrupt our peace, joy and love?
  • What is it about us that keeps derailing our journey?

For many of us, it is difficult to ‘Be the Change We Want To See’ when some of us are living our lives to please others (being our ‘conditioned’ self versus our ‘authentic’ self), while some of us keep letting things beyond our control get under our skin resulting in our blowing our stack and having a meltdown. The net effect is the same – we’re the one derailing our journey!

These are the foundational challenges and issues vexing our journey, derailing most of us into the age of ‘I/Mine’ blocking our transformation into ‘We/Engage’ but self discovery and development thus freeing our self to let Self move and freely express through us is the remedy I’m promoting and asking for your participation.

As a side note:
I invite us to explore together the interplay and ramifications of interconnecting these 3 points:

  • Dialogue (using open serious dialogue, Medieval Europe promoted the ‘Age of Enlightenment’)
  • Thoughtful playfulness as our playground for learning, sharing and connecting
  • Utilizing that the subconscious does not distinguish between real and imagined experiences to foster the age of ’We/Engage’ (the New Age of Enlightenment).

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