Our Emerging New Story

Easing Into Quantum

Regardless of whether society has been the force to or a process of human advancement, looking around, we can’t help but see worldwide social erosion — society’s upheaval of established social order.

It’s reasonable to ask: What’s going on?

We are beginning to emerge from the most profound social transformation the world has yet to experience. More profound than the changes from hunting/gathering to agriculture and then agriculture to industry. This is the change from ‘I/Mine’ to ‘We/Engage.’

For illustrative purposes, think in terms of Pre-Society, Society, and Post-Society. Pre was hunting/gathering and the earliest stages of agriculture. Society was agriculture to and including Industry. The change from ‘I/Mine’ to ‘We/Engage’ is Post. Each step has transcended the previous, including the best while discarding what didn’t work.

Think of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The butterfly’s imaginal cells transform, gradually increasing in their number until critical mass is reached and then the process exponentially increases until ‘What Was’ becomes ‘What Is.’ No one would say the caterpillar is evil, wrong, or at fault – it is ‘What Was’ but the butterfly is ‘What Is.’ It is nature’s transformation process. Without the caterpillar, there is no butterfly!

The same holds true for societies. The drive for accomplishment, self-expression, and self-worth demonstrated itself in an individual’s reach for recognition, power, and money. This resulted in class divided societies. The ‘Withs’ and ‘With-Outs.’ Albeit the number of the ‘Withs’ has been gradually increasing over the eons; however, they’re still only a small percentage of the total. Similar to the butterfly’s imaginal cells transforming, ‘We/Engage’ has reached critical mass enabling the exponential growth we are witnessing today.

Just as the caterpillar holds no malice for the butterfly, the ‘Withs’ are not to blame for society’s challenges.

  • ‘Making them wrong’ disregards it’s not them! It’s nature’s transformation process! Disregard the luck of the draw (our environment and circumstances) and we’re all about the same. Given an identical situation and environment, any one of us would likely do the same.
  • ‘It’s in our best interest’ is the driving force for the ‘We/Engage’ transformation. This is the same driving force that led to the Pre and Society transformations.

We’re more effective when we focus on what we can control (what we initiate and how we respond to our thoughts, words, and actions). To ease the transformation, it behooves us to stop strengthening their resolve against it. Instead of making demands for them to change – Be the change we want to see.

Generally, we all have resistance to someone telling us we’re wrong; and for their benefit, we must change. Especially when it appears they’re taking what’s ours! While making ‘Them’ ‘Wrong’ may give a fleeting feeling of self-righteousness, it is counterproductive to our end goal – Enlightenment!

We’re in the process of learning, aligning our outer-self with our Inner-Self. Harnessing the drive of our worldly desire and aligning it with our true nature of Spirit – Love. We’re learning to distinguish between the worldly ‘Me/Mine’ and our natural self-aware, self-reflection, and choice of ‘We/Engage.’

To paraphrase Herman Hesse: The way to innocence, to the uncreated and to God leads onward – not back to the known, but ever further, deeper. We must transcend our limitations, include what we have learned, pressing forward to a state of seamless effortless integration with all things.

Then we see the natural order of transformation – erosion. It was unsettling when the shift from Pre to Society occurred and it is now, as we shift from Society to Post.

Just as one can lead a horse to water, it will only drink when it’s ready, we’re not for everyone right now. We do not wish to pursue those not ready for ‘We/Engage.’ To those, we ask you to put this aside and save it for when you are.

To paraphrase Lewis Hyde: Having strong confident self-awareness so we’re open and receptive to give/share requires a mature well-developed sense of self. With this, we are ready to move into Quantum Living: Living freely, effortlessly receiving and expressing our Inner-Self filled with Gratitude, Joy, and Love – BEING!

Welcome to the transformation not only beyond expectation but on the outer edge of imagination!

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