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In AWAKENING, J. D. James shares his Spiritual experiences illustrating we are interconnected, while giving readers a new and different perspective to life’s timeless questions.

We believe AWAKENING’s stories are worth reading; and it’s worth your time to ponder, reflect, and consider the stories underlying messages. To read other stories click here.


Before the beginning was the Void.

The Void was without and within.

The Void was neither large nor small. The Void was large and small.

The Void did not have shape or form. The Void had shape and form.

The Void was empty of EVERYTHING and full of NOTHING.

The Void had no laws or rules. The Void held the potential for all the laws and rules.

The Void had no possibilities. The Void had unlimited possibilities.

And then….


In Its awareness, It said, “I AM, THAT I AM.”

The Void thus became ONE: one thought, one mind caught in the moment of awareness in the Void. I AM, THAT I AM, I AM, THAT I AM, I AM, THAT I AM, I AM, THAT I AM….

I AM MORE THAN I AM! And the One became Many Without Count. From One, came Many Without Count and Without End. The One consciousness divided into Many yet remained One.

Many and One in the moment of I AM, THAT I AM; Many and One separate but the same.

The Eternal Moment remained; One, the Many, and the Void aware in the Eternal Moment without beginning or end.

The Void thought, “I AM, THAT I AM, but WHAT CAN I BE!?”

The ONE said, “I AM UNIVERSE!”

And having said it, it was so!

No longer in the moment where It could only be, It became Universe where It could do! It became more than our Universe. It became Multiverse and more, much more.

Each of the Many Without Count became the stars, the galaxies, the oceans, the trees, the animals, and finally, us. We are made up of a wish come true. Separate, but whole and One. We are It and It is Us, and all are ONE!

I will express it another way. By We, I mean you and me and us in the following paragraph.

No longer in the moment where We could only be, We became Universe where We could do! We became more than our Universe, We became Multiverse and more, much more.

Each of Us, the Many Without Count and yet the One, became the stars, the galaxies, the oceans, the trees, and finally, you and me. We are a wish come true. Separate and One. We are the One, and the One is One in Us!

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