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In AWAKENING, J. D. James shares his Spiritual experiences illustrating we are interconnected, while giving readers a new and different perspective to life’s timeless questions.

We believe AWAKENING’s stories are worth reading; and it’s worth your time to ponder, reflect, and consider the stories underlying messages. To read other stories click here.


When I was a child of about twelve, after a particularly long and vigorous church service, one of my buddies and I walked home in the intense summer heat.

The two of us began to discuss the sermon that we had just heard. Our preacher had attacked all of the other denominations and beliefs in the world as being false doctrine. Because they did not believe the way that we did, they were all doomed to spend an eternity in hell.

We both agreed, if the only way to heaven were to follow the teachings of Jesus who said, “No man comes to the Father except through me,” what would happen to the seventy-five percent of the world who did not believe in Jesus?

Would the Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, and anybody else all be lost forever? We found this to be indeed troubling. My friend, James, said, “I asked my father this same question.

I asked why would they all have to go to hell? Daddy told me that I was too young to understand, but when I got older, I would find the answers to my question.” He looked at me to see what I had to say.

I told him, “I asked my mother, and she told me that she didn’t know why it was this way; but not to worry, God is just and will take care of everything.” In other words, she didn’t know either.

We came to his house, exchanged “See you later alligator and after while crocodile” with a promise to see each other on the playground at lunchtime on Monday. But I was still perplexed by this problem of billions of people lost forever.

Over the next four years, when I attended church services, this nagging question relentlessly persisted in my mind. Then at the age of sixteen, I had an epiphany.

I logically concluded that if all the religions maintained that they were the correct path to salvation after death and all of them believed this to be true beyond any doubt, then logically they cannot all be right, therefore, they all must logically be wrong! Problem solved; all were wrong and no one had any path to life after death.

Now I was not particularly comforted by my new knowledge because it meant that, since all of them were lost, I was lost along with them. I had no desire to spend an eternity roasting in the fires of hell. It was not until my third spiritual illumination when the real truth was revealed to me, and which I now share with you.


You are probably asking yourself how could this be so? I will tell you; but first let me expand on this topic. What this means is that Christians will certainly stand before God on judgment day and be sent to either heaven or hell, depending on their past life performances and Jesus’ judgment.

A Muslim will have seventy-two black-eyed virgins waiting for him in paradise if he is martyred. If a Muslim follows the teachings of Islam and lives obedient to the words of the Holy Koran, he will spend eternity in paradise with Allah.

The people in Tibet, who are constantly spinning prayer wheels, will have one less day to spend in purgatory for each turn of the wheel.

Mormon husbands and wives, who remain faithful to one another and live a righteous life, will ascend to heaven and be transformed into gods for all eternity.

The atheist will be rewarded with oblivion because that is what he believes. Whatever you hope and wish for from your religion will be exactly what you will receive.

The Creator One in all of Its all-knowing wisdom has made this possible for you. Inside of each and every one of us is our guiding Soul companion, who is a fragment of the Creator One. It is one of the Many Without Count. It is the giver of the life force that sustains our existence on planet earth.

Thus, Soul and the One are united in creating and holding the illusion of what we call life together. It is because of the power of the Soul united with your Self that will make everything that you wish for come true.

If you wish for a benevolent God to judge you and send you to heaven, you will be judged and sent to heaven. If you feel that your sins are too great and you remain unrepentant and deserve the punishment of hell fire, you will be sent to hell.

This same principle applies to every religious belief known to man. Whatever you wish for, you will receive. The One has made it all possible.

Remember, when we first started this dialog, you were told that the Creator One is an entity of the Void, a place where everything wished for is possible and nothing is impossible because there are no laws, rules, or anyone to make it not so. You and I possess this same power. We have just forgotten that we do.

When Christian people tell me that God has worked miracles in their lives, I immediately agree for I know they are right. But I do not tell them why their God is able to do this because they are as blind to that possibility as the people that Jesus spoke to concerning the parable of the mustard seed as to the power of their faith.

I tell people, “If your faith is working in your life, hang onto it with all the power of your being because your religion is working.” If, on the other hand, their prayers constantly go unanswered, then it might be time to search for other alternatives.

What happens when you pray? Your prayers are not answered by God or the power of Allah or whatever supreme being that you choose to worship, but by the Soul of the Creator One that resides within you.

You pray to God in the name of Jesus while the Soul, the essence of the One within you, listens and answers your prayers. It does not respond positively to every prayer request. It does not exist to give you carte blanche on everything.

Prayers are not answered because you have been good or bad. The Bible teaches even the prayers of the wicked can be answered. Good or bad has nothing to do with the answering of prayers. Let me give you a personal example.

When I was twelve, my mother was extremely ill with an undiagnosable disease until she died, when I turned nineteen. The burden of caring for her and being the man of the house fell onto my shoulders.

I made many a midnight call for an ambulance to take her to the charity hospital in Detroit. I cannot count the number of times I rode the Russell Street bus to the hospital’s downtown location to stand over her pain racked body for an hour, before returning home depressed and frustrated from not being able to help her in any manner.

She had no help other than the little that I could provide. At first, I prayed constantly to God that her illness be cured so she could live a normal life.

My prayers were never answered so I quit praying and just started to wish for her suffering to end. My inner Soul refused to answer my prayers even though I was praying to God, as I had been taught, in the name of Jesus. My prayers went unanswered.

My mother, although in constant pain, prayed a mother’s prayer. She prayed to God to allow her to live, no matter how bad the pain and suffering, until her children were old enough to take care of themselves. She did not want us to become wards of the state and be place in some cruel foster care home.

The Soul of the One within her answered her prayers to her God of Abraham. At the age of nineteen, I dropped out of college to marry my first wife, who was pregnant with my oldest child. We were married in February and my mother died in April of that same year.

My eighteen-year-old twin brothers and I were then old enough to take care of ourselves; we did not have to become wards of the state. One prayer was answered, another denied. Which was the better prayer answered? Which prayer would you have answered?

A mother prays for her dying child to live, but the child dies. Was God being cruel to this woman by taking her child? How could her prayer to save the joy of her life go unanswered? Was this, as her friends and family told her, just God’s will and we cannot question His will because He knows what is best for us?

The mother laments and cries for her dead child; but is the child really dead? If the child is not dead, then she is crying for no reason. Jesus attended a funeral and saw the people weeping and said to them that they should weep at the incoming birth and rejoice at the outgoing death. If there is no death, then there is no reason to weep.

The Creator One in Its magnificent wisdom knows that there is no death because there is no life – it is all an illusion.

The One and the Souls that make up the Many Without Count cannot die because They were never alive. You can only have life in the illusion of the earth and the universe. The One and Its minions are not alive but exist as conscious entities.

They have intellect, awareness and purpose; but They do not have life unless They interact with the universe and us. It is not the life that is important to the One, it is merely a crucible for the formation of worthy Selfs to ascend to Its plane of being and form more Souls so that It can expand Its consciousness and thereby grow.

When our flesh dies, a judgment of sorts does take place. The guiding Soul, the gift from the Creator that makes life in the flesh possible, asks the now completed Self if It is ready.

The Self, you, and I, are now beyond the encumbrance of the flesh; we finally see our guiding Souls and the Creator One in all of Their glory; and understand the truth of everything.

Nothing is hidden any more. We cannot cheat, lie, steal, or hurt anyone; those days are over. We are then asked to judge ourselves to be either worthy or unworthy. The time for lying and deceiving ourselves is over. If we judge ourselves worthy, the guiding Soul gently embraces our being and takes us into the light for ascension and unification with the One.

If we judge ourselves to be unworthy, the pain that we caused to others becomes our pain; then as our flesh dies, the unworthy Self willingly, knowing that it has failed, submits to be no more forever.

There is no painful death, no suffering, no gnashing of teeth, just the peaceful recognition of failure and the true desire to be no more in order to relieve itself of the pain and suffering of others that it now bears. Is it death? Call it what you must. This is the final justice given to the unjust.

When the Christian dies, who has lived the righteous life and met all of the demands of the scriptures and the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles, their wish for judgment by a just Jesus is granted. They too must look into the mirror of their life and judge themselves worthy or unworthy.

Jesus does not have to participate, you will judge yourself; this is the final judgment of each man. You stand before the throne of God and judge yourself worthy of eternal commune with God or eternal damnation or separation from Him. The Supreme Being that you call God will take you to any place that you wish.

If you desire a place called heaven with pearly gates and streets paved with gold, there is where you will be. If you wish to live in the paradise of a new earth with your loved ones, there you shall also be. If you, like my Mormon friends, wish to unite with your wife or husband and become gods, that will also be granted. Everything that you wish for will come true.

You are now probably wondering, “How is this possible?” It is quite simple. The Creator One is your God Jehovah, your God Allah, and your Goddess Shiva; All is One and One is All. When your life ends and you transition to heaven, paradise, or wherever your heart desires, you still travel to the One.

It allows you any destination that you require within any configuration. Its purpose for you is still fulfilled; you are still transformed from someone, who is worthy of a reward for a life well lived, to an immortal eternal new Soul. What you call your Soul, which I am led to call the Self, is transformed upon ascension to a new being.

The Bible teaches that, after rising from the grave and facing the final judgment, the faithful cast off the earthly bodies for immortal bodies and rise into the heavens to be with God.

This is no different than ascension to the One, to be made over into a new Soul, and to be added to the Many Without Count as required by the One.

Whether you call it ascension or heavenly judgment, the process and results are the same – a new Soul is created that expands the One and allows It to grow.

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