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Quantum Living

In Chicken Soup For The Soul, there is a story about a young boy, under 12 as I recall, visiting his grandpa on his ranch. They’re horseback riding on a very narrow ledge, rounding the curve of a steep mountain, when suddenly they discover a fallen tree blocks their trail. The trail is too narrow to turn their horses around; they cannot go around the tree; going up the mountain’s steep grade is the only viable course of action available to them. The grandson is nervous, uncertain and becoming increasingly scared.

The grandpa tells his grandson they’re going up the side of the mountain and to watch him then do what he did. He digs his heels into the horse’s side and he heads up the mountain. After getting to the next ledge, grandpa looks down and tells his grandson “Now, you do it.” The grandson, scared as he is, closes his eyes and does what grandpa says. When he gets to the ledge with grandpa, grandpa congratulates him but tells him when he closed his eyes – he missed the best part!

That’s a good analogy for our adventure into discovering and experiencing Quantum Living.

What we’re about to read is confrontational, disturbing and hopeful all at the same time; it may likely create some jarring moments as it touches everything – literally everything – as we discover nothing is as it seems!

Plato used his cave allegory to illustrate appearances are deceiving and Albert Eisenstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile Universe.” Because whichever we choose to believe, we’re right!

While there’s long been (for thousands of years) an extensive and growing list of noteworthy and widely respected people showing the way and demonstrating that we create our future, reading it is different from experiencing it! It’s a scary moment when we begin Quantum Living, based on quantum physics. Niels Bohr, the renowned Danish scientist said, “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” Consider:

  • In 1927, Werner Heisenberg, named it the ‘principle of uncertainty.’ He asserted that subatomic particles were not solid objects but vibrating little packets of energy that couldn’t be determined as to what they actually were. After all, science had been built on the rock solid foundation that life is built upon the certainties of physical law and now we’re finding that at the foundation – nothing is certain! There are only endless possibilities: Particles can be waves and waves can be particles, they’re fluid and appear to take a specific form if a spectator observes them! Consciousness creates reality.
  • Physicists have split an atom in half, however the two haves, although seperated 14 miles apart, remained connected and influenced each other instantly – sometimes even before the influencing action occurred! This so-called ‘non-locale phenomenon’ asserts the dimensions of time and space do not apply at an elementary level.
  • Physicists have sent an atom through a gateway and discovered that sometimes the atom was seen exiting the gateway before it even entered the gateway! Unable to reconcile these discoveries in quantum physics with what had been their rock solid foundation for modern science – Newton’s Laws – many of Einstein’s contemporaries were extremely uncomfortable and sought refuge in spiritual and religious texts. Erwin Schrödinger studied Hinduism, Heisenberg looked into Plato’s theory of the ancient Greeks, Niels Bohr was drawn to the Tao and Wolfgang Pauli to the Cabala, to name a few.
  • Listen to Greg Braden explain the splitting an atom:

In quantum physics, it is presumed all phenomena come from a vibrating vacuum, the quantum field or zero point field, that carries the potential for every manifestation within it. When we catch a glimpse of this underlying field, we see through the apparent reality; we see that everything comes from the same source to which it ultimately returns; and this has led researchers to the startling conclusion – We create our own reality!

With quantum physics, imagination and creativity have gone from being an intriguing odd inexplicable phenomenon to become The Engine for social erosion and transformation! It is central in the transition from the hierarchical ‘Top Down’ ‘Control Culture’ ‘Industrial-Machine’ worldview where the world was presumed to be and thus demonstrated itself fundamentally shaped by ruthless competition and the mentality of ‘Us’ vs ‘Them,’ aka ‘I/Mine’ to the emerging Interconnectivity community recognizing and allowing for major contributions by the community – the ‘We/Engage’ age.

Acknowledging, accepting and using quantum physics as our foundation, The Magic of Imagination focuses on combining imagination and its resulting creativity with the synergy of group participation in developing the life our hearts desire; our life limited only by our imagination – The ‘We/Engage’ age. Carmen simplified this insight into an upbeat song: We Make Our Own World from Say & Sing Along To Prosperity, Disc 2.

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  • uplifterone Jun 20, 2015

    May I suggest adding the link to Tony Parsons;

  • uplifterone Jun 20, 2015

    Joe I am really so excited this is exactly one of my life’s focuses integrating these principles into every aspect of our apparent earthly life or persona and more importantly demonstrating it moment to me moment in all areas of it.

  • uplifterone Jun 21, 2015

    Once I truly let go of my earthly persona ( identification with my name, job, status or lack thereof, any given role society had imposed or I allowed it to imposed on me and more Importantly the “obligations” “duties” “RESPONSIBILITIES ” that accompanied them) I was free to be my authentic self and be congruent with all the implications of that. As Tony Parsons puts it “Should the apparent seeker meet with a perception which reveals in great depth the real nature of separation and also exposes, without compromise, the sublime futility of seeking, there can be a collapse of the construct of the separate self. That totally impersonal message carries with it a boundless energy into which the seemingly contracted energy of self unfolds. A resonance can arise which is beyond self awareness…. something ineffable can be sensed…. a fragrance and an opening to the wonder of unknowing can emerge.
    Suddenly, there seems to be a shift and an impersonal realization that this is already wholeness. The boundless, naked, innocent, free-floating and wonderful simplicity of BEINGNESS is already all there is….. It is extraordinary in its ordinariness and yet it cannot be described.”
    Or in short by letting go of who you think or believed you are , you become life itself, everything and nothing at the same time.

  • uplifterone Jun 21, 2015

    Or as “The magic of imagination puts it… Quantum Living starts….