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This morning, I received a message from a friend concerning a psychologist named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who resides in Hawaii and practices an ancient Hawaiian tradition called Ho’oponopono.

Dr. Len works for the Hawaii State Hospital, where he treats violent criminally insane patients. They are so dangerous that the staff has to walk with their backs against the wall to keep from being attacked.

Now comes the part that my friend suggested might lend itself to being an urban legend. Dr. Len cured most of these patients from their debilitating psychosis and did not interview or come into physical contact with any of them. Instead he used this Hawaiian treatment called Ho’oponopono.

He would sit in his office and work on curing himself; he would heal himself by looking at a patient’s file and say, “I love you and I am sorry.” He would say this over and over again.

Miraculously, the patients started to improve. By Dr. Len forgiving himself and thereby improving himself, he was also improving the world around him, which included the specific patient.

Ho’oponopono teaches that since we are in and part of the universe, we are, therefore, ultimately responsible for the condition and state of everything within the cosmos.

Further, the teachings correctly state that everything within the universe is interconnected to one another; and by healing yourself; this interconnection allows you to heal others in this case, the violent mental patients.

After a few months, some of the patients had improved to the point that they were allowed to go free. Others had their medications drastically reduced; and in many cases, the most violent were unshackled.

My response to my friend’s message follows: I do not consider this story to be an urban legend. Dr. Len is close to understanding the truth, but not quite there yet. He fully understands that we are all connected, but not the how and why of it.

Let me expand on my point. There is only One. You and I, down to the smallest subatomic particles, are composed of the Spirit of the One who created the universe that we know with a wish. There are dividing lines between people only if you choose to be divided.

In reality, we, as humans, are one being which is one with the universal Super Consciousness. We are all connected through the Souls that the One places within our human flesh that allows our Selfs to form. Our Selfs are not connected to anything and are free-willed entities.

Dr. Len, through meditating, contacts his inner Soul guide, who is directly connected with the guiding Soul within the individual patient. This bond cannot be broken and is the foundation for everything that we perceive to be true within the construct of our universe. All is One and One is All.

When he says that he heals the sick part of “me”, Dr. Len does not understand and confuses the “me”, which is really his Self with his Soul, which is the power and spirit of the Creator One. They are not the same.

It is not the Soul of the mental patient that is sick, but it is his sick Self that is out of harmony with his Soul. This disharmony produces the psychosis and makes the person a danger to himself and the people around him.

What Dr. Len does is combines the power of his harmonic Soul Self with that of the sick patient’s Soul; and with the unified spiritual force, they are able to set the wayward Self back on the right track.

Dr. Len is correct in saying that he was simply healing that part of “me” that created them; but does not differentiate between his Self, that does not have the ability to create anything, and his Soul, that always was One with the Creator, who is the author of us and our universe.

Souls that are the essence of the One do not get sick or die; they are part of a Being that always was and always will be. You cannot use the term “immortal” in describing It because the term “living forever” is not appropriate since It is not alive. It is aware.

Assume for a moment that greed and the quest for power are a different form of mental illness; and unlike the diseased mind of the criminally insane who kill a few here and there, these sick people are able to wreak havoc over the lives of all of humanity.

We institutionalize the former and deify the latter. Which is the most destructive? The question that I would ask is, “If we recognized these greedy powerful people for the sick people that they are, could the practice of Ho’oponopono have any positive effect on their behavior?”

I do not think that if everyone on earth attempted to use the practices of Ho’oponopono to heal these people, it would change their insatiable quest for money and power one iota. They are beyond the help of anyone, and are in the process of destroying all of us for their own selfish interests.

Furthermore, they do not perceive themselves to be the monsters that they are; and, more unfortunately, neither do most of the people of the world. They want and strive to be just like them.

Unfortunately, I must disagree with some of the Ho’oponopono teachings. All of Dr. Len’s internalizing and assuming total responsibility would have absolutely no effect on the power elites of this world.

I do believe that it is possible to affect people in a positive manner using these methods. We have to recognize and establish a new form of mental illness called Insatiable Greed. It is the highest form of any psychosis, and the most difficult to treat.

Even recovering alcoholics have to first admit that they are out of control before they can be helped, and we all know how difficult that is. Imagine how hard it would be for the greedy to admit their sickness.

My friend, who sent me the email, went on to say he was unable to confirm the truth of this story, but had personally benefited from using the process for about a year.

He said that he named the people in his life: those close to him, those who disregarded him, those who have acted to destroy him, and himself, both as an adult and as a child, as he repeated, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I forgive you,” over and over.

As a result, he rid himself of the tremendous amount of anger that he carried. That in and of itself is reason to give serious consideration to the practice of this ancient tradition.

You can find out a great deal about Ho’oponopono by searching for the name on the Internet.

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