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This is the second messaging excerpt (in an ongoing series) from the Transformative Studies Program offered by The Intelligent Optimist. (My post on Fears was the initial post in this ongoing series). For an interesting and varied selection of enlightening and eye-opening courses and events that are empowering and making differences in people’s lives, I invite you to review them on their website at The Optimist.

(This introduction of Creative Inquiry begins the conversation which follows the definition.) Creative Inquiry is one of the foundations of transformative studies, so let’s explore it here. What does it bring up for you? How do you imagine applying it in this course, in your lives and in your work?

Creative Inquiry defined by the California Institute of Integral Studies’ Transformative Studies program founder Alfonso Montuori:

“Creative Inquiry is a process that involves the cultivation of creativity in the process of inquiry. This creativity is not limited to the development of a creative product, such as an original work of research, but includes framing inquiry as a creative process, a process wherein the inquirer becomes both producer and product.

The inquiry is also a process of self-inquiry and self-creation. I define creativity here as an attitude toward life as a whole that involves the ability to navigate between habit and possibility.

Creativity research has outlined a number of key dimensions of the creative person and the creative process relevant to the attitude of Creative Inquiry. … They include:

 A form of thinking that connects rather than separates and brings together terms and ideas that are conventionally thought to be separate, unrelated or polar opposites

 Independence of judgment

 Tolerance of ambiguity

 Problem finding

 Complexity and asymmetry

 Intrinsic motivation”

* (M.S.) I would imagine “Creative Inquiry” as the very act of pondering, contemplating, exploring the what ifs, on any subject matter, whether it is an invention for a totally new form of mobility or a new new paradigm in relationships or just human interaction.”

* (M.S.) Furthermore, if we move beyond duality and the emphasis on personality (individual), and step into and use “creative inquiry” from an awareness of total onenes or wholeness, the originating ponderer of said invention can let the ripple of his/her creative contemplation spread throughout the “morphic field” and touch another individual part of the whole, this other part, now, so inspired can expand upon said invention, which in turn sends another ripple into the field/whole and so on and on…

* (M.S.) Of course I am sure some of us know of instances of where two or more individuals seem to come upon the same creation, invention or solution simultaneously. What if we can proactively promote this type of manifestation? The whole world becomes involved in this creative process the whole world, dare i say universe becomes the beneficiary of this “creative inquiry”.

* (M.S.) Also of course this will necessitate a new paradigm of reward (currently financially based) a new paradigm where the very manifestation/creation of anything is the reward, because all the other needs are being provided for at each individuals wants not just “needs”

* (A.C.) I understand the pre-trans fallacy and difficulty imagining a non-dual world, but if I am not mistaken, M., you are referring to the Zero Point/Universal Field/ Manifestation aspect of imagination? The idea being that there is some knowledge of this alternate/future reality that may be accessible? Sounds like some New Paradigm development work 🙂 And the work of Shamans, Seers, etc. Perhaps our work?

I consider delving into the abyss a creative adventure, but maybe the Creative Inquiry topic tends to dwell a little more in the widely accessible realms of that adventure, tending to focus more on the immediate issues (the way one discovers what is still needed to bridge a gap in addition to bridging the gap itself and even discovering the gap)? That is certainly where it lies in my project work, discovering the discovered on some level.

* (M.S.) Yes A. it can be phrased that way. yet is is more, if we start with the premise of a non-dual world as the reality, we can still function (use creative inquiry) within the duality and as we “ponder, imagine, contemplate on it, that energetic ripple travels within (using A.’s words) the Zero Point/Universal Field touches “every one ” within it and inspires them they in turn build upon original creation (invention) (methodology)(teaching) etc

* (M.S.) Once we use that as the foundational reality (even if it appears as just wild imaginings) we do not have to intellectually understand it or make sense of it, the greater aspect of us (we can call it higher self for the sake of discussion) can be now free to guide our creative inquiry within our dual lives and bring about solutions that would be anchored beyond duality.

* (Joe) Interesting, M., I like your description and I agree with your comment that we do’t have to intellectually understand it to let it flow through us, we must be aware and receptive to receiving. (I’m still working on this.)

I recall watching a story on the evening news (in the early-mid 1970’s) young children reading flash cards upon sight. By this I mean children, ages 4 -6, could be shown a flash card with 1,395 (for example) dots on it and immediately, the moment they saw it, they could tell us how many dots. For me, the only explanation/acceptance (I don’t understand it) I have for this is learning to be receptive in flow.

What do you think?

* (Joe) M., Inspired by your last comment, I reviewed yours and previous comments, and realized this is rich for further exploration.
Interestingly, it leads to 2 doorways:

1. Your comment about 2 or more individuals, connected in consciousness, begs consideration of The Hundredth Monkey Story. Although this story’s facts are questioned (to say the least) do not affect the accepted effects of group consciousness.

2. Your comment about the need for a new paradigm of reward, knocks on the door to exploring responsibility of caring for yourself, at the micro (individual) and macro (realizing and acknowledging: ‘we’re One’) levels, and it’s challenges.

3. For the former: opportunity to transcend through the consciousness waves; while with the latter no one should be hungry, without at least their Beige (Spiral Dynamics) levels met along with adequate health care (defined as the standard for everyone, unemployed-to-banker), education K-college/trade/arts-&-crafts (as per their interest).
The trick seems to be in (1) accepting/valuing ourselves, (2) avoiding getting caught in the victim trap (where we see ourselves as the victim – regardless of which side, the ‘Giver’ or the ‘Taker’) and (3) valuing others as we value our self.

I am likely overlooking some important points and welcome your thoughts and responses, what do you think?

* (M.S.) Joe, That is exactly the kind of conversation I intended to initiate and elicit, as far as the 100th monkey story whether the details of it are accurate or not the principle of consciousness still applies. And I absolutely concur with your 3 points, but now as you and I and Ansa or whomever are pondering, dwelling, imagining these possibilities we are NOW impacting that paradigm within the Zero Point/Universal Field/morphic field, etc., and that would be my definition of “creative inquiry” at its best.

* (M.S.) Joe, a close set up of that paradigm would be “Star trek the next generation” universe minus the wars and conflicts and Romulans and borg….:)

* (Joe) M., excellent, exactly the response I expected! We can have fun with this, the more that join us the merrier it can be.

I invite you to visit my website that’s my project, and share your comments, including the message you receive from it.

* (M.S.) Joe, that is the best part about it. It becomes such an ever increasing expanding and joyful manifestation process, ( because after creative inquiry the manifestation happens).

* (M.S.) And I will (visit

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