Clarification on the Scope of Our Services

It’s not about going at it harder! When will we accept that?

As we have previously clarified, if more drive and determination and longer, harder effort were all it took, that would be easy to accept and we would keep at it. While likely, simultaneously thinking, it’s us; blaming fate, our bad luck, ourselves, an unjust God, and thinking ‘if only I’d done this…. or hadn’t done that…..’

In so doing, we’re missing the point. It’s not us! It’s our perception and expectations. We’re rowing upstream and wondering why we’re not getting downstream.

It’s a simple solution, but that does not mean it’s going to be easy to accomplish. Why? It’s not easy because it goes against a lifetime of messages, habits, and images playing out in our minds of what’s real and what’s not.

Consider a caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly. It starts with one imaginal cell, then two, and the number slowly increases until critical mass is reached, then the transformation rapidly speeds up and out flutters the butterfly. Similarly, Plato realized our perceptions mislead us and wrote The Allegory of the Cave to warn us, explaining how our minds can mislead us. Holding true to the caterpillar’s transformation to the butterfly analogy, more and more people have realized and accepted transformation is coming.

William Blake wrote when we see through our mistaken perceptions, we will see we are infinite. Walt Whitman noted we are larger, better than we think and do not know how good/beautiful we are. Albert Einstein declared the most important decision we have to make is deciding if we live in a hostile or a friendly Universe. From the 20th century forward, there’s been an ever increasing number of us writing books, creating inspiring music and reaching out to spread the word and assist each other in getting closer and closer; preparing and doing what we each can to facilitate our transformation. Marianne Williamson says it is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us we are afraid of our strength and beauty.

When I was about 9, I read Our Greatest Power. Although it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time (I was 9, I wanted Superman powers), it planted the seed that I can choose my life (much later, this became famous as “Do or don’t do, there is no try”) and to my good fortune it took root. Since then, I’ve had the good fortune to read, be inspired, and connect with people influential in my journey. Now it’s time for me to share my experiences, express my gratitude and pay it forward. Through The Magic of Imagination, I’m reaching out to assist you and others in bringing The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible into being.


  • I advocate, promote and teach The Prime Directive.
  • I offer guidelines in being our authentic self. Our authenticity is the doorway to discover and actualize our personal power. Through developing our personal power, we are better prepared to be the change we want to see. Although I’m not a specialist, through my experience, skills, and intuition, I bring empowering tools and information; including:
  • Empowering and inspirational communications through blogging, Skype and through the mail.
  • Guidance sessions, which may be one or more sessions, for an individual or a couple.
  • Understanding we work with what we have (I only speak English and have a hearing challenge) and where we are (I work from home)
  • We live in a small world. I live in Dallas, Texas, USA and wherever you are, you are my neighbor.
  • If clarification or additional guidance is desired or needed, help is available.

Guidance sessions (generally called life coaching) are an acknowledged and respected tool for self-empowerment. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, recognized as a star and perennial leader in the coaching field, says the process, tools and stakeholders (one’s personal support team) can be invaluable to one’s success.

I do not charge for The Magic of Imagination, my services or sessions. They are my gifts. Though not required, generally gifts are reciprocal (when receiving a gift, one gives a gift).
Remember, giving is beneficial:

  • Giving a gift tells our subconscious we are serious and this time we’re doing it Now!
  • It prevents any lingering sense of obligation or indebtedness.
  • Giving tells the Universe we are open to receive.
  • It completes the loop (we sow and we reap; we give and we receive).

Furthermore, it is a clear signal to the Universe we are in its flow: We believe it knows what we need and trust it to provide for us.

Giving is for the giver, just as receiving is for the receiver. There are lessons to be learned, insights to discover and experiences to grow by in both giving and receiving. I strongly encourage giving (participating in the ‘give and receive’ flow of life) regardless, whether to give, the amount to give, when to give and to whom to give are all decisions made by the giver.

Feel The Love from People of the World

(This and 3 others were updated 10/14/15 for the purpose of renaming “Our Prime Directive” to The Emerging Awareness Code – TEAC for short – (to reflect our position of Guide, versus one who issues directives) and allow for it’s emergence to become a code with principals that assist one in experiencing a effortlessly joyful, passionate and loving life.

The Emerging Awareness Code is Effortlessly living with Non-Attachment, while Unconditionally Acknowledging, Non-Judgmentally Accepting, Being Kind, Vulnerable, Compassionate and Gratefully Sharing, Encouraging and Loving Our Self, Everyone and Everything.

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