Our Authentic Self – Kintsugi Style


This is a continuation of messaging excerpts (in an ongoing series) from the Transformative Studies Program offered by The Intelligent Optimist. A.C. While I love the circular/cyclical/spiral nature of learning and teaching, enlightened and enlightening… I sometimes forget the essence of that nature and give in to fears (of failure, success, exposure, lack of support Read More

Connecting the Dots


Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made Read More

My Vision


I have a vision of what I want to see: I want to see myself and each of us (everyone and everything) Being and expressing our Creative Intention (the gift The One gave us to develop and give to the Universe.) My Creative Intention from Say & Sing Along To Prosperity (Disc 2) (Through my Read More

Anxiety Is A Silent Destroyer!


Anxiety is a silent destroyer that robs many of us of our peace, joy and eventually health and Love. The good news: We can stop it in its tracks! I’ll share the story of a friend (I’ll call Bob) to illustrate the damage and the resolution. Although Bob was a very friendly and sensitive man Read More



To assist me in developing The Magic of Imagination to be the best I can do, I’m engaged in a year long transformation preparation, including a Transformative Studies program offered by The Intelligent Optimist. The course is focused on developing oneself to the next level and we course mates, are a close group, working and Read More

Transcend and Include ‘Give and Take’


For all the advice to improve getting along with others through ‘Give and Take,’ why aren’t we getting along better? Why is it there seems to be an actual increase in people not getting along? Paradoxically, although it makes sense in theory, in practice ‘Give and Take’ is one-sided. Too often the ‘Giver’ picks what Read More

“May I be Brutally Honest?”


I’m feeling good. I’ve got a great idea, shared my thoughts when another asks: “May I be brutally honest?” The natural reaction is “Sure.” I’m feeling on top the world, being open, receptive and vulnerable. Mistake. Big mistake! The other person now feels authorized and compelled to blast away. Almost without fail, the blasting was Read More

“Do or Don’t Do, There Is No Try!”


These are powerful words from the Master Jedi, Yoda, in the movie Star Wars. They were adopted by our culture, in word only, because its meaning is not understood and therefore its power to inspire, drive and sustain our commitment is lost. Why? The message is received as accomplish or not. I immediately liked these Read More

Focus on What I Can Control


Sensory Overload  There’s an assault on our senses (touch, visual, auditory, mental, taste). Like a young child kicking us in the knees, our attention is repeatedly being beckoned by so many different stories, needs, desires, each vying for our attention. Researchers receive billions for researching how to push our buttons to get our attention, whet Read More