Carmen Moshier

Relax, listen, and be inspired by Carmen’s music.

Music has the power to inspire us and touch us in our hearts. When done well, music is an enhanced gateway to our true connection with our Creator.

Carmen’s music has comforted, inspired, and empowered me. Her music has helped me internalize and assimilate lessons and insights on awareness and my connection with the Universal Power and Presence….The Force.

Through listening and singing along, I have developed deeper clarity and understanding, empowering me in my quest fulfilling my purpose – my Creative Intention. I have found it especially empowering to make my own “karaoke style” playlists.

It’s a powerful moment. It’s not that I sing; I can’t carry a tune. But there’s something about hearing my voice singing the song(s) that makes my soul soar; it empowers me to internalize the message at a deeper level.

Carmen was my friend. She and I collaborated and agreed I could introduce you to her music, her message. If you want to own it, links are provided to iTunes and Amazon.

In any event, you are welcome to listen and let your heart and soul feel at home.

Some of my favorites from Carmen:

CD: People of the World
Buy at: iTunes – or – Amazon

Track #01: People Of The World

Track #08: Feel The Love

Track #06: Can We Love It All

Track #07: There Is No Other

Track #02: Choose

Track #10: Mediation Medley

CD: Child of the Universe
Buy at: iTunes – or – Amazon

Track #06: Child Of The Universe

CD: I Can Be Me
Buy at: iTunes – or – Amazon

Track #05: I Can Be Me

Track #08: I Know

CD: Through Many Lives – Reincarnation Insights
Buy at: iTunes – or – Amazon

Track #04: I Remember

CD: Imprisoned Splendor
Buy at: iTunes – or – Amazon

Track #01: White Hyacinths

CD: Finding My Real Purpose
Buy at: iTunes – or – Amazon

Track #12: Why Not Have It?

CD: Be the Magnificent You
Buy at: iTunes – or – Amazon

Track #02: You Can’t Fool The Universe

Track #25: Song Of The Universe

Track #07: I Am Me In A Wonderful Universe

Enjoy and listen to more of Carmen’s CD’s
         I Can Be Me
         People of the World
         Through Many Lives – Reincarnation Insights
         Be The Magnificent You Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3
         Finding My Real Purpose
         Child of the Universe
         Imprisoned Splendor
         Celebrate Enlightenment
         This Is My Thanksgiving Day
         Say & Sing Along to Prosperity Disc 1, Disc 2
         Jump for Joy
         Red Carpet World

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