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In AWAKENING, J. D. James shares his Spiritual experiences illustrating we are interconnected, while giving readers a new and different perspective to life’s timeless questions.

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We have already discussed the Creator One forming our universe and the other multiverses that exist without number. Now we will explain the actual mechanics of the construct and where the One is going.

The most creative thing that humankind can produce is music. I am not a musician by training but I am deeply impressed with the skills these artists utilize to bring forth and create their compositions.

Music has the power to move people to an altered state of consciousness. I hear old tunes from the sixties and seventies (when I was in my prime physically), and like a time machine, I am transported backward to that special moment that the melody carries me to.

It could be a first dance with a pretty girl, a fun time with fraternity brothers or friends, a difficult time with studies or trying to get ahead in business.

But most of the time, it takes me to a place of innocence with love lost or gained. I always wonder, if things had worked out another way with that person, where would I be today?

I know that you too have had similar experiences with certain songs; that is their power. I have had family members, men who fought in World War II, long after the war was over, when they heard an old Bennie Goodman or Tommy Dorsey number, they would immediately get a far away look in their eyes.

They would remember, when they were dug into a foxhole in France or Germany, how hearing the melody of the song would give them respite for a moment or two from the horrors of the war that they were engaged in.

Or, when they heard those no longer commercially played songs that took them back to the moment when they proposed to their now aging wife or shared their first kiss, they would give a slight shake of their head; and when no one was looking, wipe a hidden tear from their eyes.

As for you beautiful women readers, if music moves a man’s soul, for you, it moves mountains. I cannot compare the love and appreciation that a woman has for music to that of a man. There just is no comparison.

You are able to experience every single moment of remembrance in all of its exquisite details, which is something that we men cannot begin to understand. You not only relive the memory but you are actually there in the moment. It is a gift denied to us men.

Understand that the Universe began with a song, a single vibrating note of absolute purity. So exquisitely song that, as the note was held, something new that man would call light appeared out of the Void of nothingness; and the note continued. As the original note was held, another note was added to sustain the first.

With its existence, time came forth from the Void; for without time, the One could not measure that the notes were being held and flowed continuously.

A third note was sung; and what man would call space appeared between light and time. The three notes instantly began to harmonize and grow in strength and power, filling the Void with a perfect harmony.

Other notes began to spontaneously form from the original three. A song of infinite notes was being played much like a symphony orchestra warming up as a prelude to the concert to follow.

But this was not music; it was chaos until the Creator One with its massive Super Consciousness directed the symphony called Universe into a perfectly pitched and tuned movement of chords through the outpouring of an infinite number of Many Without Count.

It is said that a master composer pours his heart and soul into his composition. The Creator One poured Its entire being into the symphony of what we call Universe. Even to this day, the orchestra of the One plays on.

It is a tune incapable of being heard by human ears. It resonates at the center of everything that the Universe is made of. This Song, sung through our guiding Souls, gives us the life force that allows us to be alive.

This Song makes up thinking, living, feeling creatures; and pieces of which can be heard ever so slightly like a whisper through a silk veil or in the gentle cry of a new born baby just before she falls asleep.

It can be heard in the meaningful words of a husband when he tells his wife that he truly loves her and his heart’s desire is to grow old with her. It can be heard singing in the treetops on the side of a mountain after a heavy snowfall on a sunny winter day.

It is the Song of unlimited possibilities and never-ending answers. People say that certain man-made songs weave a spell over its listeners. Likewise, the Song of Creation is weaving a spell over everything.

When the Song is finally completed like a caterpillar in a cocoon, the Creator One will be encapsulated and reappear as a newly formed butterfly of exquisite beauty in Its new state of being.

It will emerge as different as the caterpillar is from the butterfly. It will be more than It was, and It will take the worthy Selfs with It through this metamorphosis to come.

What will It become? Does the caterpillar know that it will one day become a butterfly? I guess you have to ask the caterpillar and, as far as I can tell, the caterpillar is not talking.

I am not sure that even the One knows what It will become but I am confident in the knowledge that It knows that It is becoming more.

When will it happen? It is happening right now and has been from the very beginning of the Universe. Then the logical next question is when will this metamorphosis achieve completion?

We can never know. It is beyond our ability to understand. To an eternal and timeless being like the Creator One, it is happening right now and has already reached completion. To us, who are trapped in this universe’s space-time continuum, it has not yet begun.

However, there is a problem within the Song of Creation and it is us human beings. In the Song of perfect harmony, we sing off key and without any harmonic tones. We are the most destructive force in the universe. The song that we sing is the song of death and suffering.

In a universe born and created without evil, we have not only brought evil into being but worship at its altar, sacrificing any and all that would dare encumber our hedonistic self-serving ways.

Our great god is greed. We have put his motto on the back of our currency, “In God We Trust,” but we trust no one, not even our god of money.

Into a universe of complete harmony, we have introduced through our free will the poison of selfish living and desires. We have the potential to devour the light of the Creator with our dark song of endless night.

The song that we sing is the chorus of macabre fear and despair; and we love to sing it. Conducted by the directors of the rich and powerful, nearly everyone is trying to get a free ticket to the concert.

We stand at the crossroads of eternity. The enemy within our ranks wishes to destroy the Creator One and make themselves gods and it is possible to do. If I know it, then they also know it to be true and how to accomplish the feat.

The One has sent this message for all of mankind to know the truth and discard the lying ways of those that would destroy everything for goals that they cannot achieve at this present time but can be easily obtained in the future with advancements in human technology. We sit on the abyss of the eve of our self-destruction.

The Creator need not intervene; we will do it to ourselves unless we adopt an entirely new paradigm of living as outlined in this text.

We are out of time and immediate action is required or all of humankind will be lost. You must not sit idly back and wait for someone else to act. If you do not act, then no one will act. It is up to you.

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