In AWAKENING, J. D. James shares his Spiritual experiences illustrating we are interconnected, while giving readers a new and different perspective to life’s timeless questions, including:

  • What is Death?
  • What Can I Do?
  • Does God Exist?
  • What is Life’s Purpose?
  • Can We Make a Difference?

J. D. makes excellent points and supports them through interesting and eye-opening stories. I do not agree with all his points, nor does he ask me to. J. D. asks readers to see if they agree or draw their own conclusions.

We believe AWAKENING’s stories are worth reading; and it’s worth your time to ponder, reflect, and consider the stories underlying messages. Here’s some of our favorite stories. Enjoy!

An updated version of Plato’s analogy of the “Cave.” Explains the power structure of the world and your place within it. Shows you how to escape from your individual box.

Tells the story of how the author was selected to write this narrative. For the first time, the concept of being One with the Creator is introduced. A new concept of death and what happens in the afterlife is presented for consideration as experienced by the author.

Discusses the state of things prior to the creation of our universe. Introduces a radically different under- standing as to the true nature of that being that humankind refers to as God and explains why we are created.

The trinity of human existence is introduced and explains how the Soul, Self, and Flesh are intertwined to make it possible to live in this earthly environment. It introduces Larry as the typical construct of how human personality is formed and developed. The chapter follows Larry from birth to a young adult and how the Spirit of the Creator dwelling within him helps him along his path.

The Question
Larry questions his father’s and mother’s Christian faith and is thrown out of his family and starts his search for truth.

The One Banana Monkey
Explains how basic the concept of greed is to human nature and its destructive powers as the root of all human suffering. Introduces a new concept of sin.

Teaches the meaning of destiny and demonstrates an alternative way to live a life of giving and happiness.

Suggests the power our minds have over controlling our environment and the people around us.

Things Seen and Unseen
Discusses the power of the collective consciousness of the masses in forming the laws of the universe.

Medicine Man
Tells how powerful and destructive greed is in our life and the control that mega corporations have over our lives and health. Asks the reader, What would they do if given the power of the elites?

Answers the question, Who are savages? Offers a life based upon faith. Teaches lessons on why competition is bad. Offers an alternative way to raise our children. Promotes a different way of teaching free of the pressures of competing.

The Creator One in Its magnificent wisdom knows that there is no death because there is no life — it is all an illusion.

Takes a hard look at our desire to be obedient to power without thinking.

Circle of Sharing
Humans have the ability to solve the problem of hunger but not the will.

Examines the actions between people with emphasis on the family. Explores the true nature of women.

Expands on the mechanics of the creation of our universe, the power of music. The last warning to humankind is given.

The science that we have been able to extract from our universe supports the existence of the Creator One as dis- cussed in this text. Discusses Astrophysics and Quantum Theory.

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