Developing our authenticity is the keystone for our Personal Power, being true to our nature, connecting with each other and everything as one with the One!

It’s not that we can’t make it through the Actualization process without first developing a mature self-awareness; but knowing, accepting, trusting, and loving ourselves empowers us in developing self-confidence, direction, assertiveness, non-judgment, and the personal skills needed in finding our true purpose for being here and to live immersed in love and joy.

Not to mention, we’ll enjoy the process and have a smoother ride, a more satisfying journey, if first we become the change we want to see.

Being authentic, our true natural self, empowers us in our journey through life. When we’re authentic, we’re in harmony with our true nature and can make the hard decisions because we know and are comfortable with who we are.

Our true happiness, success, joy, and love come from living authentically. While inauthentic people may experience occasional glimpses of such, no one experiences true and lasting happiness, success, joy, and love when living inauthentic. Experiencing these feelings in their fullest sense are simply not possible until we are fully aware of and living as our authentic self.

If something is missing from life; if there’s not a general feeling of contentment and well-being; if success is not already here or clearly visible on the horizon, chances are we have not yet discovered our authentic self and/or have not developed our Personal Power skills sufficiently to live our truth.

Take this Authenticity Profile at no charge and discover how close you’re living to your authentic self.

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